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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

What a NIGHT!  We had storms most of the night and Poor Little Mr. G, he is so afraid of these storms.  We tried to get him on bed with us, (and if he does not want to do something, you Are not going to make him do it) he likes to “hide” in the corner of our closet, but not alone.  I finally got up because between him pawing at my head, and the hubs coughing, nobody was getting any sleep. So I went in the closet with him.  I leaned up against the closet wall and he finally laid across my lap and went to sleep!  About 5:30 the storms had settled down enough so I got went back to bed, keep in mind, I normally get up at 5:30, but I did go back to sleep for about an hour!  What a night!

The hubs had taken the day off, and guess what, now he thinks he has Bronchitis.  He gets this once a year, whether he wants it or not.  He did call his doctors office to get the antibiotic right away, but he is pretty much resting today.

We did go down to our garage, he is really getting spring fever, and we got our motorcycles prepped so when he is better, and the weather is warm we can take them out.  His turned right over, he let it run for awhile, but my would not even attempt to turn over.  (It has probably been close to a year since these have been ran, so no wonder.)  He put the battery charger on it and we will try again tomorrow.  We also put all the new tags on EVERYTHING, including my car.  We took all the coats and hats out of the bags on the bikes, they really need to be washed up, and shined things up a little.  Now, once my bike starts they are good to go.  ( To be honest, I was kind of dreading this, not sure I would have the strength, but once you hear the engine running you REALLY get the urge to go out on them)  Next time we take them out, I will post some pics.

I told you all the other day that I had made an itinerary for the blog posts, well, here it is:


If we did anything over the weekend, any place new we might have eaten at, places we maybe went, activities we did, if we took the motorcycles out, if the weather was good or sucked, or maybe just something so simple as movies we watched or TV we binged on.


I will post about companies I work with, products that I am or have tired, if I like them, and why, if I do not like them, and why not, or new products I am going to try.


I will post about routines I do or use on my skin, my hair, my face, and about the safer cleaning products I am using.


I will post on my food intake, caloric intake, macros, calories burned, misc things like this.


I will post the workouts I did for this week.

In amongst this I will add new foods I may have tried, or made, or outfits I found.

Of course, when we travel, I will post about that.  Unfortunately, the only travel we have planned for now is South Dakota, our niece is getting married so we are going for this. BUT, it will be a great time.

If you have any additional suggestions you might want to read about, please leave me a comment below.

Again, I have just a few samples of the Beauty Counter Sunscreen and I also found several of the lip gloss, so if you want to try anything, just send me a message and I will send these out to you.

Well folks, this is all you are getting until Monday.  Have to go plant the potatoes.   (If you do not know what that means, ask your grand parents.)

Until then,

Be Happy, it is Easter Weekend, will you get your Cadbury Eggs?

Be Healthy, if you do get those Cadbury eggs, best not to eat them!

And Be active, Sunday is supposed to be AWESOME, so get out and work off those Cadbury Eggs you ate!

Until then


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