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Wouldn’t You Love a Hand Bag like this?

Wouldn’t You Love a Hand Bag like this?

Well Hello Hello!  How is everyone today?  Did Everyone have a good weekend and a good Easter?

First, I just want to tell you how loving and caring my hubs is.  I mentioned on Friday he had gotten his annual Bronchitis.  I ran all over the city trying to get all of his prescriptions filled so he would get better.  Well guess what, he was so kind he wanted to share this with me, or something.  I kind of felt a little “off” yesterday, but nothing drastic.  Woke up this morning and felt like I got hit by a MAC truck, congested, sneezing, well, you got the picture.  I called the Dr right away and am now on some things.  The bad part is, because of my already compromised immune system, there are very few things I can take, so good luck to me.  (Wow, I did not mean so sound whiny)

I really blame most of this on me.  For the longest time, and especially when the hubs was in the hospital, I was ANAL about disinfecting everything with Lysol, Clorox, whatever I could find.  I was also religious about using hand sanitizer all the time.  Again, I got very lax on this.  Then I got on this Safer cleaning products kick and this stuff really works, I just don’t know that is disinfects and sanitizes like Clorox and Lysol.  Needless to say, when I picked up the prescription I can take, I stocked up on Lysol sprays, cleaners and clorox, and went through the entire condo and disinfected EVERYTHING I could.  I also set out all of the hand sanitizers, all around, as well as I made sure my hand bag had some in it.  I have to get back on that habit.  I am not allowed to be sick, I just hope the prescription I got helps!  Of course, the hubs is feeling MUCH better today.  So, to summarize, take care of yourself!

We had a really nice weekend!   The weather on Saturday kind of sucked, it was COLD, windy, rainy and just nasty.  We did luck out and get our morning walk in, but not much after that.

We had lunch on Saturday with two of our very good friends, it is always a pleasure to visit with these 2.  We had lunch at Big Daddy;s Burgers.  We have been there before so we both agreed it would be good for both of us, we could make healthy and light choices. I had a build your own burger, but I had the chicken breast, no bun, lettuce, tomato, pickle and peppers and for my side, I had a fresh fruit salad.  It was really good.  The hubs had the build your own burger as well, but he had the beef patty, bun, and cheese, and for his side, (not the best choice) he had the chips, but he shared these with our friends.  We sat for a LONG time, I did not realize how long we sat and visited, but it was a great visit and great to see our friends.

Ou Easter Sunday Lunch, which I was really looking forward to, was not so good.  We went to Gypsy Kitchen.  We had been there not long ago and the food was very good, which is why we decide to go back.  I made reservations on Open Table, we got there at the exact time, and it took quite a few minutes to get seated.  That should have been our first clue, (keep in mind, they were not that busy)  Once we were seated, it took a few minutes for our server to come and take our very hard drink order of water.  She came back and we placed our order.  We order a Charcuterie and Cheese board, (of course, they did not have the first cheese OD wanted)  Should have been our 2nd clue, and we ordered our entrees right away.  I little while later they brought out the Charcuterie and Cheese board, which was fantastic.  Then, we sat, and sat, and sat, and they finally brought out OD’s meal.  We told her to go ahead and eat so her food would not get cold.  What seemed like a LONG time later, the server came by and over explained how she DID turn our orders in, but the kitchen was REALLY backed up.  (Again, they were still not that busy, and on top of that, I had ordered shrimp cocktail????)   Our server never did come back, and we thought it looked like they were delivering our food to the table behind us,   which they glad accepted, as we could hear them say, ” We didn’t order this”.  Finally, after one hour and twenty minutes, a manager came out and apologized but again, the “kitchen was really backed up”.  We said we no longer wanted our food and left, but made sure we got our parking validated.  What a bust because this place really does have GREAT Food.  Needless to say, that is more than likely our last visit there.  So if you are thinking of going there, I would think again.

Luckily, the Charcuterie and Cheese board was enough to fill us up until dinner, which was FANTASTIC.  I will post on this tomorrow along with some other foods.

Sunday evening, we got kind of lazy and binged out on Peaky Blinders and then we did watch the 2nd episode of the last season of Game of Thrones.  I will not talk about this, because I know there are people who are still trying to get all of the old seasons caught up, but if you watch this, leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

Well kids, I hate to make this short again, but just not feeling the love today and I am trying to get some work done as well.  So, remember to leave me a comment below, remember to check out the companies I work with, (did you order your Beauty Counter Sunscreen yet?)  and remember to come back tomorrow for more.

Again, sorry about the shorter post but this nose is getting the better of me.

Until tomorrow:

Be Happy, did you get all of the Easter Candy you wanted?

Be Healthy, please take care of yourself so you do not get sick!

And Be Active, maybe if you stay active, the germs will not catch up to you.

And of course, until tomorrow



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