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What a Beautiful Day

What a Beautiful Day

Well Hello all you little pumpkins out there!  Just got done with my workout and decided to do my stretching on our Sky Lounge.  It is gorgeous out!  Or maybe it is just because I am feeling much better today!

Since it is such a nice day, I decided to write my blog from the Sky Lounge, which is why it is later being posted then I planned on.  I had a few indoor things I needed to get done before I could come up here.

As scheduled, I am posting about products that I am currently using and that I like.

First, of course, is Beauty Counter.  I am not going through the entire list again, I did this just last week in April 18th blog.  Please read that blog to see ALL of the Beauty Counter products I have either tried and am currently using, and if I like them or not, and why.  There is quite an extensive list.  As I try more, I will add to that list.  But be sure to go to my Beauty Counter site

And check out all of their great products.  And don’t forget about the sunscreen.  I do not leave to go outside with out applying sunscreen and I do this multiple times a day.

Branch Basics  is another line of safer cleaning products that I use.  These do a good job, I like the way it cleans, it doesn’t leave a chemical smell and it works well on the laundry.

Please go to my website:

and check out their products.  I would suggest starting with the Starter Kit, you get everything you need to clean your entire house and laundry.  When you check out, be sure to enter Code Tamieshourney for your discount.


Hello Ned

I have been using the Ned-300mg-cbd-oil-front_600x.jpg300mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for some time now.   I use this mainly to help with sleep, but I also take about 1/2 dropper on days when my RA is being a pain in the ass.  This comes bottled in a handy tincture so you can drop this under your tongue to start enjoying all the benefits.  I had ran out so I just placed ANOTHER order for this, I should have it tomorrow.  I also use the Hemp Infused Lip Balm

cardamom-lip-balm_600x.jpgAs well as the Hemp Infused Body Butter. I really like both of these items. I don’t use the Body Butter as much as I should, it really leaves your skin soft, and well moisturized, and it is GREAT if you have any aches or pains.  I do use the Lip Balm every day, several times most days.  Again, this leaves your lips very soft, and I have VERY sensitive lips.  They chap very easily.Ned-body-butter-front_800x.jpg Be sure to go to this website

And when you place your oder enter Code Tamie 10 to get your 10% discount.  Once you place your order, let me know what you ordered.

Another of my favorites is Four Athletics.  Check out their NEWEST collection here

PALOEMG has a new collection, check it out.  I like the collection, I just wish there were more shorts.  I am not a long pants person most of the year.   I might have to order more of the bra’s and maybe some booty shorts!  When you do place your order, be sure to enter Code tame 15 for your discount.

Skinny Dipped

This another product that I am using (I should say eating) and REALLY like.IMG_0353  I only buy the snack pack size, which is the perfect amount.  If I bought the big bags, I would eat the whole bag.  Go to my site

Skinny Dipped

and check out the different flavors.  Once you place your order, be sure to enter Code TAMIESJOURNEY15

for your discount.  My favorite flavor, of course, if the Peanut Butter, and after that I would pick the Dark Chocolate Espresso.  Once you place your order, let me know what you ordered

IMG_0468  I have been using this Collagen for probably over a year now.  I put it in my morning coffee. I try to use it EVERY DAY, even when we travel, but, like everything else, I do forgot once in a while.  I can certainly tell the difference in my nails using it.  They grow faster and are much stronger.  I can’t say I notice a big difference in my skin or hair, ok, my hair does grow pretty fast, but it has not done anything for the thickness of my six hairs.  I am not an affiliate of this, I just really like it!

IMG_0457We started using this Native deodorant maybe six months ago.  The hubs was actually the one that picked it out.  We both really like it, it does a good job, lasts, and has just the right amount of scent.

I started this blog by telling you how I decided to write this from the Sky Lounge.  Well, I started out there, but it got TOO hot, (not a lot of shade) so I came down by the pool.  I was like Goldilocks with the three bears.  The first place I decided to sit at was too windy, so I moved. The second place I sat at, the chair was too low. So I went and grabbed a pillow from another chair, and that was just right.  Luckily, no one is down here to see me move around like a looney tune!

Well Pumpkinseeds, I need to finish this up so I can get more done.  Tomorrow I am seriously going to try to have this done sooner, at least by lunch time.  That is my goal.

So, until tomorrow, please check out all of the products and companies that I work with and listed above, place your orders, and help support this blog soon to be podcast.  I Thank You in advance.  And don’t forget to go to Beauty Counter Site and order that sun screen, your skin will thank you.

And please leave me a comment below so that I know if you are happy with this blog, or improvements I should make.

And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more.

Until then

Be Happy, it is good for!

Be Healthy, again it is good for you!

And come back tomorrow for more!

Until them


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