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Adding to my collection of pretty flower pics

Adding to my collection of pretty flower pics

I really and seriously tried to get this post done and out today before noon, but I am cutting it really close!  I had one of the crappy sleep nights, and my energy level today is just a bit low.  But, I am up and at it and getting things done.   Checking things off my list, doing as I say and saying as I do.

I felt like I was just was not getting enough protein in my diet recently, so I had a better and bigger breakfast than I normally eat, and now I am feeling even more lethargic.  I think I need more coffee!  After I finish this.

G and I got a pretty good walk in this morning.  When the weather is more comfortable, it is much easier to walk, or at least I find that for me.  When G and I are walking alone, I always try to find “the beauty” in something, anything.  It just makes the walk more enjoyable and dare I say, relaxing.  This morning we found this beauty in midst of the city in the darkness before dawn.

IMG_0523.jpgFound this so pretty and this was just relaxing.IMG_0522  We should all make this a habit, it is amazing how good it makes you feel.

Ok, this is like part 2 of this blog.  I decided I needed a break so I took G out for his lunch walk, and then moved to the “8th Floor” to finish my blog.  I never come here, this is where the dog walk area is, but I thought it might be a good place to sit and work, and I was right.  This is what I am looking at. IMG_0524 I am sitting under the canopy, in the shade, with just a light breeze.  Good thing I brought my water bottle with me, I can sit and work for quite a bit.

Ok, as per my schedule, today I will talk about just a few of the things I am doing to my skin (face) to try to get rid of a few of the wrinkles and fine lines.  I know that unless I do something more drastic like Botox, I am never going to get rid of all the lines and wrinkles, but at least I can make the effort.

As you all know, and I talk about this all the time, the first thing I have done is changed to better, safer skin care products, Beauty Counter.  Again, I started this in December of 2018 and I am COMMITTING to use only their products for one year.

In addition to using those safer products, twice a week I am microblading my face.  I got this dermaroller_front_rs_nonew-324x324.jpg from a company called Alitura Naturals.  I actually started doing this about 18 months ago, but lost interest, because I did not see overnight results, and if know me at all, I want results NOW.  Well, with age comes wisdom and patience, so when I changed to the safer skin care, I thought, what the heck, it can’t hurt.

I do this quite aggressively, and yes, it does hurt a little, at least twice a week.  I cleanse my face good at the end of the day, I let it dry a little and the take this mciroblade and run it all over my face and lips in all directions.  I do for this for maybe 90 seconds, and then I will apply my product-images-1045-imgs-resurfacing_peel_009_final_1_ Beauty Counter Overnight Resurfacing Peel.  I will let that dry, and then I will run the micro blade all over again.  (My thought to this is it might get the Peel deeper into my skin)  After this I will apply my Beauty Counter product-images-1115-imgs-new-rejuvenating-night-cream-600

I also, once a week, shave my face.  I do this on a night when I do not do the microblading.  I do not have the regular face razors, I use just a regular razor.  I shave all over, including my lips because they also shed and produce new cells just like our skin.  When I first started this, I could really see a difference, or more to the point, I could shake the dead skin cells out of the razor.  I am not able to do this so much any more, so I think I am getting rid of a lot of the dead cells.

Also, when I feel like it, or when I think of it, or when I have one on hand, I will do a peel.   The last one I did was a random coal mask peel I picked up somewhere,  I put it on and was beginning to wonder if I made a big mistake.  It was like putting tar on and this stuck to EVERYTHING.  But, I let it sit, like the directions said, and when the time was up, if peels right off and my face felt amazing.  Unfortunately, I do not have any more and I do not remember where I got this one at. But, I do know that Beauty Counter has the Balancing Facial Mask,product-images-1037-imgs-bc_bc_3-balancingmask_selling01_web.jpg  so I am going to put this on my “wish list’ and next time I place an order, I will order this as well.  It is really amazing how much better I feel when I know I am at least trying to take care of my skin and myself.

OK, the last thing I do, and I do this EVERYDAY, I apply sunscreen to my face and any exposed areas, including my hands. product-images-3041-imgs-Countersun_Allure_PDPWell of course I use the Beauty Counter Sunscreen, but the point of this is to use sunscreen every day, several times a day.

Ok, this is pretty much all I do to my face, and since I came out to the 8th floor and got some fresh air and beautiful scenery, I feel SO MUCH better.  Just a little Vitamin D goes a long way!

So all you wonderful people, be sure to come back tomorrow where I will talk about my food intake for the week to date, my macros, and I might share a few of the foods that I have cooked this week.

So, be sure to leave me a comment below, tell me what you like or what you absolutely hate about tis blog, tell me what you want me to blog about, and Please, be sure to check out all of the companies that I work with, buy something, because I really need to turn this blog into the podcast I really want to do.

Take care all you luv bugs,

Be Happy,

Be Healthy,

Be Active,

and get out there and get some vitamin D.

Until tomorrow



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