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I Wish the Were True!

I Wish the Were True!

There you are!  I am glad you came back for more!

I am just jumping right into it today.  My schedule today says I will post about macros and calories burned and intake and that kind of stuff, but I have to be honest, I am not going to post that today.

First, I did not do a very good job of tracking this week, I am not 100% yet and when I feel like this, (more to the point, when I don’t have the energy ) I don’t do a good job of eating or tracking or exercising.  I will post next Thursday, my macros and so on.

Let me say this, I am just not feeling like me yet.  I most times am like the energizer bunny.  Not lately.  I am blaming it on several things.

Since I have had my gall bladder removed, I have been more tired, less energetic, and overall lack of enthusiasm.  And now, because I am just getting over bronchitis, I am sure that I am run down.  I did put a call into the doctor today that removed my gall bladder, to see if this is normal. He was not in today, he will call me tomorrow, but his nurse did say that after this surgery, sometimes, your vitamins and minerals do not absorb properly, and this might be causing my lack of energy.  I will address this with the doctor tomorrow.

I do want to share this with you, I got my new order of IMG_0526.jpg  This comes packed so cool, I had to share.  Of course I had to have some right away, (and no, this will not make you high) but it does do wonders for minor aches and pains.  (Maybe this is what I need now)  I think I need to get a bottle just to keep at my desk!  If you have not checked out their website, please do, remember, I am affiliate for them so if you want to place an order, let me know and I will  send you the code so you have it.

What I do want to share today is something I made this week that was really good. IMG_0518These are blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon.   This is what they look like when I placed them in the oven and this is what they look like when they are done.IMG_0519  So simple and easy it is ridiculous but these are so good.  I made fresh sea bass that same evening IMG_0521  I know this picture does not do it justice, but this was awesome.  I had cooked them perfectly, (I don’t know how that happened) and the seasoning was just right.

That is all of the food pictures I can share today.  That’s all I got.

Does anyone have some good podcasts suggestions they care to share?  I have several that I USED to listen to regularly, some of them I just got burned out on and had to quit listening, some I just realized I did not like anymore, and the one I REALLY like, Paleomg, only does one podcast a week so I need more ideas.  Please send me an e-mail

with your  suggestions.  Thank You in advance.

Ok, I need your help again.  We have two trips coming up.  The first is to South Dakota for our nieces wedding.  My question is, I want to take some (snacks) because with everything going on with me right now, I have to BE VERY careful what I eat, or be close to a bathroom.  I am going to get snack size bags of Skinny Dipped Almonds, but do you have other suggestions?  This family is not into healthy foods or healthy eating or any of that sort of thing, so I am thinking food choices will be very limited, and I want to be prepared.  I can take some protein bars, but I need other ideas.  Please send these to me, again, to my e-mail.  Thank You in advance.

The other trip is to New York City.  I am not as concerned about the food here, because the hubs has become very aware of what I can eat, and he also is very careful, but, I would really like some suggestions on local restaurants.  We will be staying in Times Square, but plan on going to the Chelsea Market one day.  I don’t want elaborate meals, just good, fresh, local and healthy food.  Please send any ideas and or suggestions to my e-mail address, I will greatly appreciate that.

Ok Sorry, but I am looking for one more suggestion.  (Man, I am asking a lot of you guys today)  I am also trying to get more protein in my diet.  Especially now, your body cannot heal without adequate amounts of protein.  It seems no matter how hard I try, I cannot get enough every day.  So, I am looking for a GOOD protein powder that I can add to my daily coffee, yogurt, or just make a smoothie with.  What are some of the protein powders you use?  I do need Gluten Free, preferable low sugar and low fat.  Ideas, please let me know what is your favorite protein powder.

Well everyone, I have really asked a lot of questions today, but I really want and need your input so please send me all of your suggestions and ideas.  Thank You in advance.

I will let you all know what the doctor says tomorrow, and if he thinks I am just a head case!

So until tomorrow, remember

Be Happy

Be Healthy

Be Active

And please send me all of your suggestions and ideas, and check back tomorrow for more.  Until then


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