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We made it to Friday.  This seems like it has been the longest and busiest week I have had for a long time.  But, I made it to Friday and got LOTS done.

I am going to be a really bad blogger today and NOT post, again, what I had scheduled.  I was supposed to post about my work outs that I did this week, but kind of like my eating and tracking, since I am not 100% yet, I have been doing very sporadic and random workouts, which is not like me at all.  I normally have a very planned work out, write everything down, and keep track of my progress. Well, I have not done since for probably at least 6 weeks now.  Basically, since I was supposed to not lift, so I just quit tracking.  I DO think by Monday, I will feel better and I will start eating better again, tacking my food and workouts and my water intake, so next week, I do plan on posting as per my schedule.

Now, to update everyone. I did talk with my doctor today about why I am SO tired, why my muscles and everything just feels lethargic.  He feels that since I am just getting over my bronchitis, it is MORE than likely that, but, he did say, if I still feel like this in about 2 weeks, I should come see him.  He did a lot of questions and made the following suggestions:

Am drinking enough water?  I actually thought about this yesterday and realized, I do not think that I am drinking enough water.  So, I am making it a conscious effort to drink more water.  (Yes, this is contradicting what I have been told recently, to NOT drink so much water,) but there is a very fine line between knowing if you are drinking TOO much or not enough.  This, again, is why I need to start tracking everything.

He asked if I was having abdominal pain or bloating.  No to the abdominal pain but yes to the bloating.  By the end of the day, my stomach is VERY bloated, almost disgusting looking.  That had him puzzled, unless I have a stone stuck in my bile duct.  But he did say that was very unlikely.  Again, he stressed, if I am not feeling better in about 2 weeks to come see him.

He suggested eating smaller meals, which I have been trying to do, eat a bit more frequently, and to make sure I get plenty of lean protein, and vegetables, really cut back on the fat.  So, again back to tracking and make sure I eat accordingly.  My problem is, what kind of lean proteins?

I also have to say Thank You to those of you that sent snack suggestions, although, I can still use more ideas, so please, put your thinking hats on and give me some more ideas.  FYI, jerky is not a good idea for me right now, too much fat.  I do think that I will get some snack size bags of trail mix type foods, or make my own, that have a few nuts, and a few dried fruits.  I think that might be a good snack to take.  I like snack size, that way, I can only eat so much at a time.

I did not get any suggestions for fresh local places to eat in NYC, but we have time for that, I am still looking so if you have any suggestions for this, please let me know.

I also need more ideas for podcasts.  The type of podcasts I like to listen to is anything health and or fitness related, or just funny, entertaining podcasts.

Again, please send your ideas and suggestions to me at

Thank You in advance for you help.

You know, I have realized that health, fitness and nutrition are really my favorite things to talk about, so I may just end up blogging more about those.

When I was in the gym today, I was really trying to do a little bit, but then this “person” came in, I see him there once in a while, he is not one of the “regulars”.  He went around and set up ALL the equipment for what he wanted to do, (not bothering to ask if I was using any of them, which I was) he did one set on each and left???  What is up with that?  And, he did not bother to wipe anything down before or after.  Really?  You don’t just walk in like you own the place, and then leave like that?  I did not’ realize he was gone, I thought he was in the stretching room, or I would have said something to him!   But I am not going to let one idiot ruin my day!!!

I am sorry, this is going to be really short today, but a couple of things, I do not have a lot to blog on today, and also, I want to get all of my work outs set up for next week so I can actually post my workouts and my macros, caloric intake and calories burned.

As I am writing this today, I do have another question for all of you readers. I think that instead of sticking to the schedule I gave you last week, on a daily basis, I will post my workout, my macros, caloric intake and calories burned from the previous day.  On Monday, I would post abut the weekend, anything we did, just like last week, but Tuesday thru Friday I will post like I just said.  My question for you is, would you prefer that, or prefer I stick to my schedule?  Just let me know.  OR, if you prefer anything else, just let me know.

So, what I need your feedback on today is:

More snack ideas

More fresh local places to eat in NYC

More Podcasts suggestions

What you would prefer I blog on and when

So all you faithful followers out there, have a great weekend, get out and enjoy, and come back Monday for more.  Until then


I would love to hear your feedback