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My Life, one day at a time!

What a beautiful day out!  The temperature and weather are almost perfect!  Ok, on with it, you probably really don’t care about the weather!  But sunshine and blue sky make me smile.

Did everyone have a good weekend?  To be honest, ours was that good, but since we were both still recovering a little from bronchitis, we did a LOT of resting!  We did manage to get our motorcycles out for a very short ride on Sunday.  This was mostly to charge up the batteries, check the tires, just “air” them out a little, and I really needed this.  It has been close to a year since we have been on these, and I get a little “nervous” if I haven’t been on my bike for a long time.  But it takes about 3o seconds to get that comfort level back!  It was good to get out!

That and watch the GOT last night, was pretty much our weekend.  I am not going to talk about GOT, because all of you may not have watched this yet, but I wasVERY disappointed in last nights show!  Honestly, I felt like it was a waste of my time watching it.  I wonder if anyone else felt like that.

On to other things I want to discuss.   G and I actually got a decent walk in today.  This is the first time in probably 2 weeks I actually felt like I had energy.  And when I went to do my work out today, same thing, BUT, I actually had a planned work out, and for me, that makes a difference.

I mentioned to you all that I did talk with the doctor that removed my gall bladder on Friday. Well, after much thinking, research and analyzing, I have come up with a theory that I am going to try until we go to on our trip to South Dakota.

First, I think I was having a reaction to the amoxicillin I was taking.  When I say reaction, I think this was just completely wiping me, I had NO energy on this, and did not think about it the first couple of days, just thought the Bronchitis was wearing me done.  But on Saturday, when I was really completely wiped out, AFTER a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, I got to thinking about this and talked with the hubs, and I also did some research. Sure enough, being excessively tired is one of the side effects.  So, I took one amoxicillin on Sunday morning and will not take any more.  If my bronchitis comes back, I will ask the doctor for something else!

I know that I said I was trying to track my macros again, and I went back and looked, and I felt quite sure I was not getting enough protein.  Everyone has been emphasizing the importance of good lean protein in order to heal.  So, I started this today because yesterday, not only was I completely wiped, but something was giving me serious stomach issues, so I just couldn’t eat much.  But today, I am making a HUGE effort to get more protein.  So far today, I am eating my lunch now, I already have 73 grams of protein.  I actually had shrimp for breakfast.

I also realized I have been really slacking on the water.  (I know, I was told to CUT BACK on water), but that just wasn’t working.  I started yesterday, again, making a conscious effort to drink a lot more water, just plain water!  To help decrease the salt reduction, I am making sure I heavily salt my foods.  That really sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

I am not a doctor, is this going to work, I don’t know but I do know that I already feel better today.  At least I feel like I can get through the day without a nap!

And when I feel better, I am in a much better mood, and everything is right in the world. For example, out walking  with G, I have seen so many pretty flowers and “calming” places.  I decided that each day this week, while I am out, I am looking for more new flowers, or places of calm. like thisIMG_0531.jpg  Who knew there were such beautiful places just minutes from my home!  They have little benches around this, just awesome!

I haven’t done this forever, but I read my horoscope today:

It may seem as though you’ve been transported to a kindergarten classroom-everyone is whining and screaming about something or other, and you will be the only competent adult in the room. Just let them argue with one another about things that really don’t matter. If you work around these petty complainers, you’ll be able to stay happy and calm throughout the day.

Isn’t this just the way it feels some days?  I don’t know that I could actually work in an office anymore with all the petty crap that goes on.  My biggest “baby” is G when I take him out.  When he makes up his mind he wants to go in a direction, it takes all my weight to “convince” him we are not going that way!

I think that I have plenty of snack ideas for our upcoming trips, thanks to ALL that have contributed. Once I get these all put together, I will post a picture of what I am taking!   I would still like a few more eating places in NYC, so remember, if you want to share your favorite local place in NYC, please send me an e-mail

But for now, it is that time that I need to get back at it, lots more to do and I really need to take advantage of this because I have no clue is this energy will last till the end of the day.  ( I will update you all tomorrow)

So, come back tomorrow, where I will list my caloric intake and my caloric burn for today, my macros for today, the exercise I did today, and I will probably talk about one or two of my favorite products I am using.

So, until then,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

And come back tomorrow for more.

Remember, please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

Until then xoxo

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