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What a Morning!

What a Morning!

Hey All, trying to get this post done early but just not working so good.

So let me tell you how my day started.  We got up very early because the hubs had an early flight, (poor guy, today is his birthday and he has to travel all week)

G and I got a pretty decent walk in, G was moving a little slow, and I know he has been a little stiff, so we took it easy.  (Maybe I need to share my Hello Ned Hemp Oil with him, I might put a few drops in his lunch and see if this helps)  Again, I try to find beauty every time I am out, and my featured image of the moon was so peaceful today.

Anyway, focus Tamie!  I got a really good lift in then, and after that, I am trying to get lots of work done, but so many little things I needed to follow up on.  One of these, was the past due invoices.  I contacted one customer who had told me they sent the check priority mail on 4/24.  I had told him I did not receive his payment yet.  We traced it, and sure enough, it shows delivering on 4/26.  I went downstairs to see if MAYBE they misplaced it, and they could not find it.  So, only because this happened before, I walked down the street to the apartment complex.  They have 2 packages that delivered on that day at that time, that are (unaccounted for)  She could not check while I was there because she could not leave her station, but promised to get back to me by the end of the day.  (What do you want to bet my check is here?)  I hate the US postal service!

Enough  of that.  As promised, I am posting my workout I did yesterday, my caloric details, my macros, and how I feel today.

My workout yesterday was as per below:

This was a Lower Body Workout.  I did three sets, the first was 6 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps  (Since I have been off and then LAZY for so long, I am taking it easy and getting back into this)

Wide Leg Bar Bell Squat     15 lbs  15 lbs  30 lbs

Single Leg Dead Lift             10 lbs   15 lbs   20 lbs

Pile DB Squat                         10 lbs   15 lbs   20 lbs

Walking Lunges                     10 lungs for each set

Side Lunge                               8 each side for 3 set

Jumping Jacks                        10 JJ for each set

Run in Place                           10 RIP for each set

Sprints                                      3 sprints up and down the hall


After this I went to the Sky Lounge and did my stretching!  This was a really good workout.


As you can see, I burned around 1907 calories yesterday.

Image-1-1  I did REALLY good on the protein intake yesterday, as you can see, 136 grams of protein, AWESOME!!!!!  I really paid attention to what and how I ate yesterday.  Now, if I can just keep this up all week!

Image-1-2  I took in 1493 calories yesterday.  Surprisingly, at the end of the day, I was very satisfied.  I also drank a total of 80 oz of water, which is a little less then I wanted, but I feel much better today than I have for over one week.

Ok, I think that I have covered everything I said I would cover.  Tomorrow, I will do the same.

I also did want to touch on Hello Ned and the Hemp Oil I have been taking.  I did googling on this, to make sure that you could not get addicted to this.  Why, because it does seem that I have been taking this more and more throughout the day for pain relief.  Do I think this is good?  Well, I do not think it is a bad thing.

First, it is not supposed to be additive, and I take such a minuscule amount that I really think it is more the “act” of taking it that relaxes me and therefore, I feel good!  In my mind, and tell me if you agree with me, is it not better to take something like the Hemp Oil that is ALL natural, vs a pain reliever that is chemical products and can be very addictive?  I feel it is.  I also take a tiny bit at night to help me sleep.  I forgot to do this last night and I could tell the difference.  I was up several times, and finally, just got up and took a tiny bit and went back to bed. Wa la, I fell asleep.

If you want to learn all about this, please go to

and check out all of their all natural products.  When you do decide to place your order, remember to enter code TAMIE10 to get your discount.  If you try this, or have tried this, let me know what you think.

Because I read my horoscope yesterday, I felt the need to read it again today, and I found todays horoscope very fitting:

Transitions can be tricky things-after all, whenever you make a change in your life, you want to change for the better, right? Today you’ll be given an idea, or an opportunity to change, that might seem a bit too extreme. Give it a pass for now, and hold tight until something more attainable comes into focus. You should go for positive changes in small increments right now. The stars say that it’s not wise to disrupt your usual routine too much.

Since I AM such a routine person, I will not disrupt my routine YET!  I will wait for something better to come along.

Here it is, that time again, now I need to get my “regular” work caught up and done.  I am having another BYOC with the girl in the building today.  I want to have everything done and caught up before I meet her, so I don’t have to hurry this time.

So, remember to leave me a comment below and let me know what you like or don’t like about this blog, if you would or will listen to my podcast when I do get that up and running, but in the meantime, what you want me to blog on.


Be Happy!

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Be Healthy!

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