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Resting after a hard morning!

Resting after a hard morning!

Hey Everyone, what a day already.  I just had the most interesting, stimulating visit with a friend of mine.  We had planned on an hour, but ended talking for about one and half hours, could have talked longer.   She is into exercise and nutrition even more than I am, so needless to say, we had a lot to talk about.

I slept a little better last night so have a good amount of energy today, and getting lots of misc things done.  That is always a good feeling, but because I talked a little too long, now I am playing catch up.

G and I got a better walk in this morning, right at 3 miles, but Poor Mr G is getting a little slower, so the 3 miles took a little longer.  But that is okay, I will take my time with him.    I did get a pretty good lift in, but I was really feeling more like cardio today, so after a shorter lift, I got another half mile on the treadmill.

My workout from yesterday was Lower Body again:

I did three sets of 6 reps, 6 reps and 8 reps

Shoulder Shrugs        30 lbs     35 lbs     35 lbs

Smith Machine Squat    10 lbs    15 lbs    20 lbs

Dumb Bell Lunges     8 lbs    10 lbs    15 lbs

Curtsy Lunges     8     8    8

Dumb Bell Dead Lifts    15 lbs    20 lbs     25 lbs

Sumo Squat    25 lbs    25 lbs     30 lbs

Leg Ext     85 lbs    100 lbs     100 lbs

Leg Curl     55 lbs     55 lbs     55 lbs

Plated Hip thrusts    10 lbs    10 lbs    10 lbs

And of course, the Jumping Jacks, Running in Place and Sprints.  This was another good workout.

My caloric intake yesterday was 1544 calories, and my coloring burn was Image-1  2047, That seems a little high, but that is what my watch said!

I did pretty good on my macros again yesterday

4Image-1  Overall, that was a pretty good balance of macros.

One of the things we talked about today was micro nutrients, good fats vs bad fats, and how these can affect us.  I had mentioned I had recently had my gall bladder removed and had a hard time digesting greens, but because the removal of the gall bladder effects the bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, she suggest I have a green smoothie every day.  She apparently has a super high powered blender that will process avocado pits and pine apple cores.  She said these are where many of the really good mineral and micronutrients are.  She suggested at least trying just a green smoothie, so I may do that.

The other thing she suggested, or more to the point, reminded me of was coconut oil.  I used to have at least one tablespoon of coconut oil every day, but just got out of that habit.  Again, because I already knew this, she reminded me, how good coconut oil is for us, especially has women, and it also helps with metabolism and digestion.  So, do you want to know what my lunch is today?  Of course you do,  I really wasn’t that hungry because I had a really high protein breakfast, so I cut up the last little bit of honey dew and cantaloupe we had, half of an apple, cottage cheese, a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Does it really get any better then this?  Now for dinner, I will have to have a BIG plate of vegetables, but this really hit the spot!

The other thing she reminded me of, again, because I knew this but if you do not practice this stuff everyday, you tend to forget it.  This was Brazil Nuts.  If you have just two or three Brazil nuts a day, this is really good for you because of the minerals, vitamins and healthy fats.  (I need to run to Whole Foods yet this afternoon, so I am going to look for some of these, as well as some nut butter, that, because I am out)  I think a little bag of Brazil Nuts will be a great thing to put together for our upcoming travels.

I also need to take a short walk this afternoon in the sun, to get more Vitamin D.  Which reminds me, as it gets hotter out, and since G is getting a little older and slower, I am going to take him out in the morning for as long as he will walk, just like we always do, but instead of a walk at lunch and then a longer walk in the evening, I am going to try to take him out several times during the day, but for shorter, quick walks.  I don’t want him to get overheated, and an extra shorter walk will be great. For both him and me!    Plus, it will give me the chance to get some extra Vitamin D.

We gang, this is all I got today.  I really do need to get back to ATW, I need to get more work done, I need to do some googling done as there are a few things I need to look into, and I have probably bored you all long enough.

I am going to ask everyone to share any thoughts or comments or knowledge you may have on macros and healthy fats and micro nutrients.  Also, please do let me know if you enjoy reading about these things, or if you have other suggestions.  Please send your comments or questions to me at

Or leave me a comment below.

So, until tomorrow,

Be Healthy!

Be Happy!

Be Active!

And Be mindful!

And until tomorrow


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