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Have a Great Weekend

Have a Great Weekend

Hi there and welcome to Friday, Yayday!  And the sky is blue and the sun is shining!

G went to bed early last night, so he had more energy today.  We got a little over 3 miles in this morning.  (I was watching for some things to take pictures of, but it was pretty boring and uneventful out, but still very peaceful and calming!  )

I went to the gym after that and got an okay lift in, but I knew I had a lot of work to do today, so I cut it just a little short.

Ok, this is the work out I did yesterday, Thursday:

This was shoulder and bicep day.  I only did two sets of each, and 8 reps of each

One Arm Side Lats,  (wow, my shoulders are REALLY weak)    5 lbs    5 lbs

Dumb Bell Hammer Curls     10 lbs     12 lbs

Seated Overhead Rear Delts     8 lbs     10 lbs

Planks      1 minute each

Standing Military press     8 lbs      10 lbs   (Again, my shoulders are like noodles, so weak)

Reverse Dumb Bell Bench Curls     10 lbs     12 lbs

Front Dumb Bell Raises     5 lbs     8 lbs

1 Arm Kettle Bell Swings     8 lbs      8 lbs

and the usual Jumping Jacks, Running in Place and Sprints

I also added 7 minutes on the treadmill.

I think this is why my shoulders and lats are really stiff today!

My macros for yesterday were pretty good

I55mage-1.jpg  I could have tried to get a little more protein, but all in all, better.

My total caloric intake for yesterday was 1464, and my total caloric burn was 1821.xImage-1.jpg

My nutrients were:


It appears I had a lot of carbs yesterday.  I need to figure out a way that I can track things like Vitamin B and Vitamin D.  Does anyone know how to do this?  If you do, please let me know.

It wasn’t a bad day yesterday.

Now, I have started as of yesterday, to add a new Regime.  I will do this for a cycle, and see if this makes any difference.

I think I briefly touched on this yesterday, the coconut oil.  I used to have at least one tablespoon of coconut oil every day.  I just got out of the habit, because, as we all know, fads come and go.  But I thought that I would try this again, at least for a full 30 days, and see if I can see any difference.  I am sure if I do see a difference, it will be minimal, but I will let you know.  So, until June 3, I will make sure to have one tablespoon of coconut oil ever day.

The other thing that I have been doing, and I have been doing this for some time now, is that I have added cinnamon to my daily regime.  I will either put a couple of shakes in my coffee, or my yogurt.  This is supposed to be really good for inflammation, and other things.  Again, this is something I used to do daily.

I have also again added turmeric to my daily regime.  This is really easy to add to your greens, or on meats or vegetables for a little extra seasoning.  Again, this is supposed to help with inflammation.

My goal here is to stop taking so much of the additional crap I take.  I am not talking about the drugs that I will have to take forever, and there are only three of those now, but I am talking about the additional (chemical) things I do every day to keep my digestive system in check, and for pain management.

These are the things like the Citracel I take everyday, as per my doctor, the probiotic drink I drink every day, again, as per my doctor.  I have thought about things I used to do, when I was feeling really good, and not taking this chemically enhanced stuff.  I keep thinking what was I doing that was working.  And two of these, the cinnamon and coconut oil, were things I was doing.  Maybe these were helping, or maybe in my mind they were, so I will try this again.

The other thing I was reminded of yesterday in my conversation with people, was I used to take maca everyday.  I did that for quite awhile, but, just like everything else, for what ever reason, I just quit doing it. I think that I will try this again.

Many of you may be thinking, all I am really doing is replacing one thing with something else.  However, I will any day chose to try natural, (coconut oil, maca, and cinnamon) over chemically enhanced Citracel and yogurt drinks, ANY DAY!  Do you agree with that?

Who has plans for the weekend?  Anything fun?  Since the hubs as been traveling all week, and we travel next week again, I know this will be somewhat of a restful weekend for us.  Plus, the weather is supposed to stormy on Saturday afternoon, so that will be good weather to binge watch something.

Sunday we are celebrating the hubs birthday with lunch.  Hopefully, this place will be better then Gypsy Kitchen was.  He wants to go to Bangkok Station.  I will try to remember to take pictures to share with you on Monday.

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend.  How many of you watch this?  I like to watch the pre activities, the hats the women wear are adorbs.  It always makes me want to get a hat. Maybe I need a hat for the wedding next week.

Well my little kangaroos, got to go and get more checked off my list, more to do, and you all have a life and things to do as well, so get to it!

Remember to come back Monday, when who knows what I will post about, and leave me a comment below, really, leave me a comment below!  And remember:

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

Be Mindful!

And Root to Rise !

Until Monday


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