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WHEW!! Did not think I would get this done today!

WHEW!! Did not think I would get this done today!

Hello all you skittle bugs.  Man, this is getting later and later every day, and my plan was to get it out earlier.

I did sleep pretty good last night, and we woke up a minute or two earlier, so this is all good, but I feel like I am an elephant running through peanut butter today. I can’t make any progress!

I am very OCD.  I cannot get seriously to work, until I have all the “little” things done.  These are things like making sure the condo and office are picked up and somewhat tidy, laundry is done if I have laundry, and today I had several errands to run, and things I needed to pick up for our travels yet.  WHEW!!!  finally got everything done abut 12, and then it was time to walk G and make lunch. (Now, please don’t think I don’t do any “work” until then, this is all stuff I do in between reading and replying to e-mails, making calls, and getting these things done. ) I am actually looking forward to our quick short trip, just to relax a  minute.

I do want to mention now, I am not sure if I will be able to post the next two days.   This MIGHT be the last post this week, and no more until next Monday.  We have a lot of things to do in a very short time, but I am going to try, I promise.

The day started out really good, we ALL walked and had coffee.  G was just a little slower today, his tummy hurt.  I gave him some Pepto Bismal when we got home, and he ate some grass at lunch, so I think he is back to him self!

After I brought him home, I went out for my “run” and I did95Image-1

I was pretty happy with this.  I will not be able to continue day 4 of my 39 days of running at least one mile, but I WILL start this back up on Monday.  What was your time today?

I definitely need to start rolling and stretching after these runs.  I have some hip and lower back pain today.  When I lifted weights, I was religious about stretching afterwards.  I do not do this, or have not done this for these three days, but I now know, I do need to do this.  If you have any suggestions for “rolling” please share with me.

I also had my green smoothie today, but again, I need to find a way to make these more filling.  After about one hour, I was hungry today.  But, this may have been because of several things.  First, my stomach did not feel to great after a while, and also, I got tired really fast.  I THINK, I may have had my smoothie to “spicy”, if that is possible.  I am learning that I like these smoothies a little more sweet then savory.  This morning I added cayenne pepper, lemon, parsley, mint, cinnamon, and coconut water, along with greens, a pepper, celery, carrots and about half an apple.  Not the best tasting I have made yet, but I am still learning.  I need to google some good recipes for this.

Now, my caloric intake yesterday was 1290 calories, and my caloric burn was 97Image-1  1889 calories.  Wouldn’t you think I would be loosing a lot of weight?  But I am not???  But, I am not really trying either!

Ok, my macros for yesterday were 96Image-1.jpg  I definitely need more protein.  Other then that, not bad! Today I already have 70 grams of protein!

My nutrients for yesterday were98Image-199Image-1  It looks like a little too much sugar yesterday to!

I have our “snack” bag all ready for our trip.IMG_0568.jpg  I have brazil nuts, Biltong jerky, fruit and nut trail mix, turkey sticks and protein bars.  I think this should be plenty, plus, the hubs knows of a meat market in SF that he wants to go to buy some jerky to bring back with us.  Jerky, if not to fatty, is a really good go to snack, high protein!

I also have my alcohol swabs, band aids, and a travel size pack of Clorox Wipes.  I have this fear now of getting sick again, and might be going overboard, but better then getting sick!  I read somewhere one of the germiest places on an airplane is the tray table.  I can sterilize this before I go to work!

This is the Brazil Nut Butter I talked about yesterdayIMG_0567  Has anyone ever had this?  The little bit I have tried so far, I really like it.

I had asked you last week about shows to binge watch.  We started watching Hanna on Prime.  Is anyone watching this?  I like it.  The hubs made comment the other night that he can’t play cards on his phone and watch this at the same time.  I will translate that for you.  That means, he really likes it and he has to pay attention to this.

I know there are lots out there, I just have to google them and find them, but if you have any good recipes for foods that use a lot of vegetables, like zucchini bread, or any breads or muffins that might have carrots, zucchini, beets in them, please send to me.  I may try something like this to get more vegetables in my diet!

Well gang, since it is now almost 3:30, and I still have a lot of work to do and I have some samples to send out yet, I need to get back to work, back to ATW.  I hope  you can understand.  I AM going to try to do at least a quick post tomorrow on the plane, but I cannot promise that.  I will take pictures while we are doing interesting things and share on the blog on Monday.

So, your assignments are

Send me rolling and stretching ideas for a beginner “runner”, send me smoothie recipes that are more sweet than savory for smoothies,  send me recipes for breads or muffins, (remember, these have to be gluten free) that take a lot of vegetables, and anything else you want to share with me.

And, leave me a comment below, let me know ANYTHING you want, and until next time

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

and Root to Rise!

Until next time


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