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More of the Falls

More of the Falls

Here we are again, and hard at it.  What’s going on with you.  It is actually, do I dare say, I little chilly today? But I am savoring every minute of this because it is supposed to be more seasonal this weekend.

My day started out great and is still going good.  I am getting this out a little earlier today, I hope, and I am actually getting a grip on the ATW work.

We got our “normal” walk in this morning, by the time we got home, it was a little over 2 miles.  After I got G settled in on his “pillow”, I went back out, for day 5 of my 39 days of running one mile or more, and again, a little better today.  YAY!!! 85Image-1

As you can see, I did 1.51 miles at an average pace of 13:39.  Tomorrow, I am aiming for 1.75 miles with an average pace of 13:30.  Are you with me? Especially you OD?

My caloric intake from yesterday was 1381 calories, and my caloric burn was 1902 calories.

89Image-1  I was really excited about the fact that I did 9.4 miles, and I had a little over 20,000 total steps:


I hope to keep this up all week!

Ok, my macros were


I did good on everything yesterday, for me, I feel, almost the perfect combination. 87Image-188Image-1  I really feel like this was a good day for food.   I feel pretty good today, and I have a lot of energy yet, now, how will I feel about 5, let’s see.  One day, one hour, one minute at a time.

While we are on this topic, I am really trying to find that right combination of carbs, fats and protein, to get me all day energy, to give me more energy so that I can keep up jalking and eventually actually running, to control my digestive issues,  (which, by the way, as long as I watch what I eat and when I eat it, are doing pretty good) and to help with my RA and inflammation.

I am not sure I have talked about this recently, but I have been pretty regularly having Apple Cider Vinegar every day, (in fact, I just offered shingle shot servings so that I can take these with me to New York next, and I stay on schedule) I have been pretty consistent on adding ginger and turmeric to my salads every day, and I also think, the more protein is helping as well.  My GOAL is to keep all of this up for the 39 days.

I did not have the smoothie again today, I made high protein oatmeal, which I have not had for a long time.  It actually tasted really good, and since it was a little cooler out, was the perfect breakfast.

Please feel free to share with me your favorite go to breakfasts, and if you have suggestion for foods that will sustain all day energy!

I was listening to a podcast the other day and they were talking about being positive.  One of the things I TRY to do every day, is if I see someone and they have something on, or maybe a purse or anything that I have noticed, I will compliment them on that.  (I do this to people whether or not I know them)  and it is really amazing how that affects yourself and that person.  For example, I went out yesterday for a cup of coffee, and the young woman that was working was showing her co worker pictures of her daughters.  Jokingly, I said, I would like to see those pictures.  She was so surprised, but showed them to me, and I complimented her on these, and she was so HAPPY, it just made me happy.  This is something I do frequently, or try to.  It just is a mood booster!

I am still trying to “Do as I say, say as do,”.  And I am trying to do things as I come to them, and not put it aside because I don’t feel like doing it right now.  I am finding, that if I do it now, everything seems so much easier.

How many of you are watching Game of Thrones?  Let’s have a show of hands.  I know this is the last season, and they are REALLY killing off a lot of people, but I am not sure I like this season.  For me, and this is strictly my opinion, there is too much fighting, too much dying, and not enough actual story.  Now, that is just my opinion, what do you think of this?  Let me know.

I have one more picture I wan to share.  While in SD this weekend, one of the stores we were in had all of this Nebraska apparrel.IMG_0574.jpg  I had forgot where I was and was all excited to see all of this.  BUT, my point to this is that I just learned I MIGHT get the chance to go to a Nebraska Football Game in Colorado.  I have not been to a Nebraska game in a LONG time.  This would be so cool, plus, I would get the chance to go to Colorado again.  Double Bonus!

Well gang, again, I have to go, got things to get done, got work to do, and the hubs makes a quick trip tomorrow so I have a few things he needs me to do, (good thing I work from home so I can get all these little things done for hime, along with get my work done, along with everything else I do)  Don’t misunderstand, I LOVE it all, I really do, I would not change anything.  Life is good!

So, remember to leave me a comment below on ANYTHING you feel like, and come back tomorrow where I think that I will again, post all of the companies that I work with.  Which reminds, I have a new supply of Beauty Counter samples, if you want some samples of this GREAT Clean skin care, send me an e-mail

And I will send you some samples.  Don’t forget about their sunscreen, product-images-3041-imgs-Countersun_Allure_PDP  You do NOT want to get sunburned.

So, until tomorrow,

Be Happy,

Be Healthy,

Be Active,

and Root to Rise!

Until, tomorrow


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