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My Life, one day at a time!
That is how I feel today!

That is how I feel today!

Here I am again, and what a productive day so far!  (Good thing I just got my second Venti Starbucks to get me through the afternoon)  I got a really early start to today, the hubs had an early flight so G and I got going on our “jalk” .  We did a little over 2 miles, then AGAIN, for day 6 of 39 days, I went out and got my jog in.  Today I did 95Image-1  My goal, by Friday of this week, is to get 1.75 miles in with at least a 14 min mile average.    Do you think I can do this?  I do!  I did do about 5 minutes of really good stretching after this, and I have been on fire since.

As every other day, and every other person on the planet, I have/had a very long list of things to get done today!  I don’t know about you, but if I have things done and organized  at the end of the day, I sleep MUCH better.

My total caloric intake yesterday was 1567 calories, and my total caloric burn yesterday was 99Image-11927 calories.    I did not quite get my 20,000 + steps in yesterday, but I did get 9 miles in.


My macros yesterday were:

94Image-1.jpg  Again, I had a pretty good mix.  I feel like I did really good on the protein yesterday!  My macro nutrients were

96Image-197Image-1  Looks like maybe I needed a little more iron yesterday, but everything else looks pretty good.  How did you do?

I made a breakfast today that turned out to be a little MORE then I started out with, but I wanted to get a lot of protein in, so I ended up having 56 grams of protein for breakfast, which was great.  I get these Flap Jack muffin mixes, but I do not make it like the directions say.  I use egg whites for the liquid, I also add a little bit of a protein shake to this, and I add the powdered peanut butter, macca powder, some banana, and then I make like a pancake.   This somewhat takes care of cravings you might have, but also, because it has so much protein, it is very satiating.

When it came time for lunch, I wanted to clean up a bunch of vegetables out of the refrigerator.  I made a HUGE salad of mixed greens, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, radishes, mint, I added some apple, and then I had jerky I am having with this.   Lots of greens, what a lunch!

OK, on to other things.  I said yesterday that I was going to post the companies that I work with, so that all of you readers can go to the websites, order some great products, and help support this blog hopefully soon to be podcast.

Legendary Foods

This is some of the best nut butters I have had, if you have not yet looked at this, go to

check out all of the GREAT Peanut Butters and Almonds they offer.  Once you decide to place your order, be sure to enter the code TAMIE at check out to get your discount.  Just a small sampling of their peanut butters is enjoying the taste of freshly baked homemade pecan pie without the guilt. Indulge in our Pecan Pie Raw Almond Butter and curb your intense cravings. If chocolate is your weakness, our Peanut Butter Cup Nut Butter is made with all natural peanut butter and real cocoa for the perfect snack that you can proudly eat straight out of the jar. Or, try our Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Cashew Butter, flavored with cinnamon and coconut, and packed with protein.  They also have some AWESOME recipes on their site.

Hello Ned.  This might be my favorite!

I have been using their Hemp Oil for some time, and it is great. I  am actually using it more and more for pain.  You know how some times, maybe you worked out too much or ran too much, or you just have some inflammation?  WE all know that feeling!  I use just about half of a dropper, let it set on my tongue for a minute or two, and within maybe 20-30 minutes, you feel good.  I still use this at night, not EVERY night, but when I know I am going to have problems sleeping, or maybe I am REALLY tired and I want to make sure I do sleep good.  It just gives you a more restful nights sleep.  I take one full dropper at bedtime, I hold this under my tongue for about 1 minute.  It really does make a difference.  I haven’t tried the 300 mg strength yet, but I am going to try this next.

Hemp has been used for thousands of years to support health and wellness and despite the common misconception, does not get you high.What it will do, however, is help regulate homeostasis in nearly every biological system in your body, bringing balance to body andmind.Try some under your tongue with one of our premium Hemp Oils or topically with our Hemp Infused Body Butter and Lip Balms.  I have tried both the body butter and the lip balm, and they are both GREAT.  I strongly suggest you try all of these if you have any trouble sleeping, and the body butter goes on like silk and leaves your skin SO soft.  Go to

Check out these great products, and when you place your order, be sure to enter code TAMIE10 to get your discount.  Let me know what you think.

Four Athletics:

This company is an awesome company.  Their athletic wear is GREAT!  (The Paleomg is my favorite )  The company itself is an awesome company to work with, and their clothing fits so well!  Their new booty shorts are out and they are releasing a new item VERY SOON!  Please go to their website

And check out what they have going on now.  I always post as they get new products in and when you do place your order, be sure to enter code tamiesjourney to get your discount.  Again, let me know what you think.

Skinny dipped Almonds-

Click on the link above to learn all about these great eating healthy snacks.  Their snack size bags awesome, they taste great and are good to keep in your desk drawer or purse, so you don’t get HANGRY!!!  Once you have reviewed everything, and decide you want to try these, enter code TAMIESJOURNEY15 to get your 15% discount.  I actually just bought a bunch of the snack size bags, the Peanut Butter is my favorite.

And of course, there is Beauty Counter.  I have posted a lot on this recently, so I am only giving you my site address

I did an online Social back in March, I am thinking of doing another of these at the end of in the next week or so.  But, right now, I am REALLY promoting their Sun Care products.  It is SO important to make sure you put a sunscreen on BEFORE you go outdoors.  And their sunscreen is really good.  Did you read the never list link I posted yesterday?  WOW, but, if you would like to try a sample of their sunscreen, or any of their products,send me a message

or leave me a comment below, and I will send you a sample.  You really need to try this.

Well, there you have it, but now, I need to get back to ATW, get more done there, I still have a couple of errands to get done, and I have a few things in the condo to get done yet also.  So, remember to leave me a comment below, on anything that you feel like, check out these companies that I work with, order something, or if you want samples of Beauty Counter, let me know, and, until tomorrow,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

And Root to Rise!

And come back tomorrow for more!  Until tomorrow


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