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Very Short and Sweet Today

Very Short and Sweet Today

Hey Gang, I am apologizing in advance, a few things have come up today and I cannot do my normal post.  I am not making excuses, I am just going to say, life happens and I just have a few too many other things to get out of the way today.

I do want to let you all know that I did get my jog in this morning, this is day 8 of 39 days, 31 days to go.  Do I like this?  I really do, it seems that it gets my engine going and I NORMALLY, have a lot of energy throughout the day.  Today I did 1.33 miles at an average pace of 13:35.  Not the 2 miles I wanted to get, but I do think that I will be able to get this done on Monday.  (Check back on Monday to see)

(OK, the real reason I am not doing a long post today, I did not sleep well, I HAD A LOT to get done this morning, so I am running around here like a CRAZY women) I did try to get a SHORT rest this afternoon and just did not get any rest.  And, it is 3:30 and I still have many things to do.  I AM going to try to do something completely off the wall, and that is do a post over the weekend.  (That will be your treat for me not doing a decent post today)

When I do the post over the weekend, I WILL post my macros and all of that.  But, on a side note, I do think that I am eating too much, I think I am taking in too many calories, I need to do some looking into this and see.

Also, I ran out of time today, but I need to call the doctor on Monday that removed my gall bladder.  It still seems that by the end of the day, I am VERY BLOATED.  My stomach looks like a swallowed a watermelon and I do not think it should be like that, OR, I am just really being porky pig🐖  And that could be!

Speaking of, we made a quick run to my favorite store at lunch, Whole Foods, and picked up 2 bags of different fruits.  The hubs is really on this fruit kick recently, and it so am I.  We got a whole pineapple, whole cantaloupe, a BIG bag of grapes, strawberries, and two containers of mixed fruit.  That might be our dinner😘

Well gang, again, I am REALLY REALLY sorry, but I promise, my Monday post will  make up for this.

Everyone, have a GREAT weekend, check back over the weekend to make sure that I did do a post, and please leave me a comment below AND,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

And Root to Rise!

and until next time


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