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Here I am!!

Here I am!!

I did not forget about you guys.  I actually started to write this Saturday, and then again Sunday, so today, Monday, I am finally finishing it up!  Thank you for being patient.

I am still doing my run one mile a day for 39 days, today was day 9 of 39 days.  However, after being out on the motorcycles yesterday, I KNOW that I need to add strength training to this as well.  Either that, or my motorcycle gained a LOT of weight because it felt like it weighed about 6 tons!  So! Today I did the below:

G and I went out for our jalk, however, I think Mr. G was just not feeling it today, because he was moving like molasses!!!  We did not get quite 2 miles in, and it took forever!  I brought him home, and instead of going outside, I went to the gym and did my mile on the treadmill


This was a pretty fast pace for me, so I am not sure it was accurate, but this is what Nike said!  After that, I lifted weights for about 25 minutes.  I did my version of 5×5.  I did 5 reps of each of the 5 below exercises.

Bench Press

Leg Press

Tri Pull Down


Farmers Walk

This actually worked out pretty well.  I may do this again tomorrow.  Or, I may do this routine for the next 31 days!

Ok, on Friday, my total caloric intake was 1557.  My total caloric burn was 3520Image-1

1933 calories.  My macros were 2520Image-1

This is kind of the mix that I want to aim for everyday.  Maybe a little less fat and a bit more protein.  My macro nutrients were1520Image-1



Other then Friday was a crazy busy day, I felt pretty good.

I am also adding several things to my daily routine for the next 31 days.  I am taking Maca Powder every day, along with my collagen, I have added coconut oil every day, just one short Table spoon.  I am also making sure that I take my table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every day.  Ok, I know this sounds like a LOT of work and things to take every day, but my feeling is, if this works and keeps me in better condition and feeling good, I will do it.  (I even found some travel size bottles of the ACV that I will take to NYC with us so that I keep up with my routine)

I have also started drinking Coconut Water again.  I used to drink this all the time, and just got out of the habit.  With the LITTLE bit of jogging I have started to do, and all the walking I do, I have been sweating a LOT!  Coconut water has a lot of good things like potassium in it, so I figured this was a good thing to get back in the habit of.  I also bought some Bone Broth, so that I can drink this from time to time as well.  I guess I did not realize how much protein bone broth has!

What did everyone do over the weekend?  I am not sure what we did, but the weekend went by crazy fast!  All of the sudden it was 7 last night, and I still had a few things to get done for today.  Whew!  I barely got everything done in time to watch GOT.  Did you watch this?  I will not talk about it yet, I know there are some of you that have not watched this yet.  But, if you did watch it, let me know what you thought of this!

On Saturday we really did not have much to do.  We did need to do our grocery shopping, since we had been “using up the things we had” and had no food in our condo. That seemed to take some time.  Once we got home and put everything away, made a light lunch, it was almost 2 and we had massages scheduled for 3:30.  We just kind of hung out and read, and got into the pre massage relax mode.  Do you do this?

Sunday we wanted to take out the motorcycles.  We got the bikes all ready, and when I went to start mine, it would not turn over.  Good think the hubs is so handy!!!  We jumped my bike with my car, and luckily, the hubs had thought ahead and we took the jumper cables with us.  We stopped for coffee and sure enough, my bike would not start again.  We jumped it again with his bike, and headed out again.  We came to a point where he said we are turning around and heading in.  It just wasn’t worth having to jump everytime we stopped, so we went in and we went out and got a battery tender for my bike!  Hopefully, this will keep it charged!  But, the short ride we did have was very  nice, but like I said, my bike felt SO heavy, so back to strength training as well.

Wow, that was very long winded.  Sorry!

This Friday we head out for New York City.  I am really looking forward to this.  This is not going to be like the trip to South Dakota.  This is going to be very relaxing, since we will be on our time and do what we want when we want.  We are taking our walking clothes and plan on walking every morning.  This will be in addition to ALL of the walking we will do around the city.  I am really looking forward to this.

I am putting together a bag of nuts, jerky, protein bars to take with us.  Not that their won’t be plenty of food in NYC, but that way, I have food I can eat if I need it!

Well kiddies, time to go, time to get more work done.  But, I have a question first.  I think tomorrow I am going to list all of the Beauty Counter Products that I am using, and why I like them.  I will also share my website again, so you can go directly to the website and order these products.  My question is, would you like to see these products again?  Have you ordered any of the Beauty Counter products yet?  If not, why not?  Send me an e-mail

and let me know.  You can also let me know topics you would like me to blog on!

So, until tomorrow, leave me a comment below on anything you feel like, and,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

And Root to Rise!

Until tomorrow


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