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OMG, it is almost 4 PM and I am just getting this started, I am SO sorry.  What a day!!!  This has just been balls to the wall since I got up the morning.  We even got up a few minutes early, and what good did it do!😱

I am just going to say this up front, I am NOT posting on all the Beauty Counter products I use, I WILL do that tomorrow, I promise, and if I do not, you can hate me!!!(please do not hate me)  This is also going to be short, so again, I am sorry!

First, we did get a good walk in this morning, all three of us, and we had a really nice sit at coffee.  The weather was so nice and pleasant.

When I got back home and got G up and on his pillow, with a BIG bowl of fresh ice water, I went down to the gym again, just like yesterday, and jogged mile one mile on the treadmill.  I did just a little better today, as you can see. 3523Image-1 This was day 10 of 39 days of running one mile a day.  YAY!!!!  And I feel good.

After that, I did the same as yesterday, I did a different version of 5×5.  I did five of each of the exercises below:

Barbell Squats

Dead Lifts

Bent Over Row

Lat Pull Downs

Lat Shrugs/Farmers Walk

I kind of like doing this, and I feel this might be the best, but give me another 29 days.

Ok my total caloric intake yesterday was 1443 calories.  My total caloric burn was1993, I am pretty consistent on that3520Image-1

I am still not so sure if this is accurate or not.  BUT, again, this is what my phone app says, and I believe everything my watch tells me!

My macros for yesterday were, again, this is a pretty good mix.2522Image-1

My macro nutrients 1521Image-1

I do want to tell you that I did talk to my doctor today that removed my gall bladder, about my extreme stomach bloating by the end of the day.  His comments were, since it has not even been three months yet, just barely two months, and he said if there are no other symptoms, and there are not, this is pretty common yet.  So, Tamie, get over yourself, and deal with it.  I said that, not the doctor.  He did say if it gets IMG_0620.jpgclose to the 3 month mark, and it is not any better, to let him know.  So, all is good.

Well kiddlediddles, I warned you, this is short today, got to go, still got too much to do.  So, remember, please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think, how feel, what you want me to post on, how life is in general.  Whatever!! And,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

And Root to Rise!

Until tomorrow xoxo


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