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WHEW!!!! I Made It!

WHEW!!!! I Made It!

Here I am.  Again, I thought that I would get good start on this today, but not going to happen.  It seems the harder I try to get things done early, the later I get things done.  Shit just happens.

So, here I am but again, I probably will not get the Beauty Counter products addressed today.  MAYBE tomorrow.

But, on with it.  I did try to get a little earlier start today, but ended up sleeping a few minutes too long.  Then, it took the hubs a few minutes to get ready to go, so we got a little later start.  We were going to try to walk a little farther, but decided, since we were a little behind, we would just do our regular walk.  That is ok, we were out and walking and all is good!  (this is a whole lot of littles)

When I got home, as usual, I got G a big bowl of fresh ice water, fluffed up his pillow, and then went to the gym.  I did pretty much the same thing as yesterday, I did a little over one mile on the treadmill, 2522Image-1

A little slower than yesterday, but still not bad.  Then I did a REALLY quick little workout, I am not even going to list what I did because it was very random and just a few things.  (I knew I had a lot of work to do, so I wanted to get back upstairs and get to it, but it really did not help at all)

My caloric intake yesterday was 1581 calories, I feel like I ATE way too much yesterday, and I kind of feel very bloated today.  I am trying to be much more careful in what I eat today.  My caloric burn yesterday was3522Image-1

I am really quite consistent in my caloric burn.  I might need to try to up this next week.

My macros yesterday were2522Image-1

This was a pretty good mix, I think.  My macro nutrients for yesterday were1522Image-1522Image-1

It seems I am pretty consistent on these as well.  Might be a good mix for me.  But I do see I had too much sugar, that could be from all of the fruit that I ate!

One of the things I did get done today, the hubs had to pick up his new i phone, did I tell you he cracked the back on his phone and it could not be repaired?  Any who, so his new phone came in so we went to Apple to swap out.  When we went to Sought Dakota, he decided I needed a new back pack because the one I had was a piece of crap.  Big, bulky, and heavy.  So, he found one for me at the Tumi store, which would have been the last place I would have looked, but once I looked at it, I decided it was everything I needed and I liked it.  We went to get this today, and BONUS, this was on sale and I got it for a REALLY good price. How cool is that.  I will take a picture of this today and post tomorrow.  I think it is awesome, and I will find out how it works this weekend when we go to NYC.

Well kids, I know this is really short again, but I am so off schedule this week, and so busy and I have so many excuses, whine whine whine!, But I promise no later than next week I will get my ship together and start doing some real posts, OK?  OK!

So, remember to leave me a comment below and tell my how bad these recent posts have sucked, OR, maybe you like them shorter? Or just leave me a comment!  And remember to

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be And Root to Rise!

Until tomorrow


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