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Here I AM!!

Here I AM!!

I’m here, really, and I did not forget about you, my friends!  Just another busy day in paradise!

Did everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend?  Tell me what you did!  Did you travel, stay at home in the cool AC?  Did you spend time with family and friends?  Please share with us, I am sharing with you!

I will start with my normal post.  We did get up and ALL walked this morning, G was REALLY happy to be home and back to his normal routine!  (Ok, maybe that was more me then him, but he was happy to have coffee and treats with us this morning)  When we got back in, I did a few more things to get caught up, then I decided to just go to the gym.  I did BOTH, a little quick lift and then .5 miles on the treadmill.  No, this was not a mile, but since we had already walked 2.5 miles outside, I figured with this .5 miles, I could count this has a day of my 39 days of running.  I do think tomorrow I will try to go out side again and run the mile.  So, today was day 13 of 39 days of running one mile or more!  This was my time, and silly me, I did not even get the time in there.


I don’t think I was awake when I took this picture😞  This was how I ended my workout.  Before this, I did 5 reps of each of the below exercises:

Dumb Bell Bench Press

Dumb Bell Kick Backs

Leg Press

Lat Pull Downs

Bar Backs

and I also did abs and sprints up and down the hall.  I was a little stiff from yesterday.  You know how it is when you fly, you hurry up to get to the airport, to wait.  Then you sit on the plane and sit and sit.  I did pass the time, and it did go very quickly, by working.  But then, when we got home, it was hurry, hurry and hurry.  We needed to stop on the way in and get a little food, we needed to get G picked up, I wanted to get as much laundry done as I could, you know how it is.  It felt good today to just lift and stretch good.  Wow, whine whine whine!!!!  Get over yourself Tamie!

OK, we did have a REALLY GREAT time on NYC.  It was busy, relaxing, filled with a lot  of walking, eating, sitting and drinking coffee, and we did see one show.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, and when we got to our hotel, right in Times Square, we checked in, unpacked, and cleaned up a little.  We were a little hungry, by now it was about 5, so we decided to get a coffee and see if we could find a place to sit and people watch.  We did not know this but it was Fleet Week and there were a lot of military personal walking around, in their full dress.  I loved that!

After this, we walked towards the theater where we were seeing Avenue Q that evening.  Along the way, we found a “locals” place to eat.  We just ordered several small plates, but it ended up to be way too much food.  But, the food was awesome.  It was just a little place on a corner, but the menu looked good, so we stopped.

After this, we headed on to the show.  You could only take pictures prior to the show starting, so I took this picture of the set. IMG_0638.jpg

They used this one set for the entire show.  (Well I think they did)  We left at the intermission.  We did not realize this had puppets in it.  Now, it was not a children’s show, but they used puppets, and neither myself nor the hubs cared for that, so we left.  The first part we saw was ok, but we had enough, and we were getting very tired.  We left and by the time we walked back to the hotel, it was 11.

The next day, when we did finally get up, we slept a few minutes longer then normal, we showered and our plan for Saturday was Chelsea Market.  We mapped it out and found we could easily walk it, which we did.  We were SURE we would find a Starbucks about halfway along the way, but of course, never did.  (Our plan was to find a Starbucks along the way, have a coffee and fruit and yogurt, and then walk the rest of the way and maybe have lunch at Chelsea Market.)  Well, doesn’t it always happen this way?  When you ARE looking for something you can’t find one.  We finally got to Chelsea Market and right across the street t was this HUGE 3 store Starbucks Roastary.  This was so cool.IMG_0640.jpg

We did get our coffee and yogurt parfait,  but NOT like you get at your local SB.  The coffee came in really nice mugs, and the parfaits were made as you waited, in very nice bowls with real yogurt and really fresh fruit.  I neglected to take a picture of this, I was too busy taking other pictures.IMG_0048.jpgIMG_0045.jpgIMG_0043.jpg

They actually roast their own beans and they were roasting while we were there.  This was a great find.

After this, we did go the Chelsea Market and wondered around for a long time.  When we were done, we walked out on the path for awhile, and enjoyed some of the sites. IMG_0647.jpg

I love unique art like this!

After this, we did take a cab to another area of the city, and then we headed back to the hotel.  We walked around times Square for awhile, and then went back to our hotel and cleaned up for dinner.  We had not eaten since that morning and we were getting hungry.

Again, we just headed down 45th street, and we found a great Dim Sum place.  I swear, the hubs should be Chinese because this is his FAVORITE food.  The Dim Sum was GREAT and we each had 1 glass of wine.

The next day, the hubs wanted to have brunch at a place that was recommended to him, Red Farm.  This was past Central Park on Broadway and 80th street, I think.  Again we walked here, but we did find a really nice little coffee shop on the way.

Red Farm was AWESOME!!  Thank you Christine!  This again, was asian food.  These were a few of the dishes we hadIMG_0651.jpg


Don’t ask me what any of this was, but, this food was fantastic.

We headed back to Times Square, and the hubs wanted to do a little shopping, so we shopped for awhile, then went back to our hotel since it was getting really crowded and really hot.  We read and chilled for a little while, and by then, it was dinner time.  We went out and again, had Dim Sum, which again, was GREAT!  (The hubs actually had Asian Food on the plane coming home again)

Monday the goods time were over and it was time to come home.

Now, I have shared what I did, it is your turn to share what you did.

And now, everything is back to normal and I do not have any travel planned for some time, so things should settle down for me for awhile and I should be posting regularly.  Tomorrow I will post my caloric intake and burn and macros as normal, along with a few new things I am thinking of trying.

But, today, I have to go, get back to things, get more done.  So, be sure to leave me a comment below, and tell me anything you feel like, and, don’t forget to come back tomorrow.

Until then,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

And Root to Rise!

Until tomorrow


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