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It’s a little warm out there!

It’s a little warm out there!

Thank you for the messages you sent on your holiday weekend.  Some of you had some very entertaining times!  Thanks for sharing.

Just got in from taking G out and it is getting a little warm!  I might have a bead or two of sweat going on!  Good way to get rid of all of those nasty toxins.

Today started just like most days, we all walked, coffeed, and then, when I got home, again, I just went to they gym.  I really feel like I need to lift to get some of my strength back, especially for riding my motorcycle.  And I had already done 3 miles, so I figured that would be good, and I know we will all walk again later today.   I will still get close to 8+ miles in, and I am counting today as day 14 of 39 days of running one mile or more, even though, technically, I did not run.

The below is what I lifted today.  Another of my made up 5 x 5.  I did 5 sets/5 reps of each of the below:

Smith Machine Squat @ 60 lbs

Dumb Bell Bench Press @ 20  lbs

Leg Curl @ 100 lbs

Should Shrugs/Farmers Walk @ 30 lbs  (this was kind of an add on exercise)

Rope Tri Pull down @ 50 lbs

Rope Overhead Tri @ 30 lbs

I also did 6 sprints up and down the hall and ab work.  This was about a 35 minute lift, which felt good.  Not sure what I will do tomorrow, I guess what ever I feel like.

I took in 1425 calories yesterday, and my caloric burn was 1892.


My steps were not too bad yesterday, I could have had a few more.  Today I will get more.

My macros for yesterday were:


I am trying to stay below 30% Carbs, but that is REALLY hard to do.  I could have had a little more protein yesterday.

My macronutrients wereImage-1.jpeg


Other than I should have had more protein, not too bad of a day!

I want to share with you a few things, that in addition to the 39 days of running, I am also trying to do every day for these 39 days.  I figure if they work, I will keep them up.  OK, before you read this, YES, this is a lot of things, and a lot of work, but if any of it helps, it will be worth it.  I know that I have already told you some of these, but I have added a few and this is the entire list:

I take 1 ounce of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning

I take one serving of Maca every day

I take 2 Biotin tablets every day

I take my collagen every day(I have been doing this for a LONG time)

I take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil every day

I have just added taking one serving of knox gelatin every day

As long as I have it in the house, (I am out right now) I drink kombucha everyday.

I take a probiotic every day.

I use Nutritional Yeast every day.

OK, I think that pretty well covers it, other then common sense things like using sunscreen many times a day, applying a good moisturizer every day, walking, jogging, lifting weights, and of course, drinking coffee every day.  Have I forgot anything?

Like I said, does any of this help?  I don’t know but in my extensive efforts to improve my skin and hair, I do feel something has to help.

Another thing I just recently started, and this may sound gross, so please excuse me in advance.  I am trying to wash my hair less often.  I NORMALLY would wash my hair every other day, at least every third day.  I read an article that said it actually is not good for your hair to wash it so often, once or twice a week is good.  The article did say that many of your dry shampoos actually are good for your hair, and by using them, they give your hair more texture and of course, you can wash less often.  So, I have been using dry shampoo for some time, but just in the last several weeks, I am using it more frequent and really trying to wash my hair only every 4/5 day.  That is kind of rough in this heat, and the way I sweat, but I am finding, by about day 3, it actually looks its best.

I have also quit putting it in a bun or braid EVERY DAY.  That is not good for my six hairs, so by using the dry shampoo and the more sprays, I can give these six hairs a little body and it looks a little better.  (Yes, I used to but my hair up EVERY DAY, there were a lot of people who did not realize I had long hair, because they had never seen it down!)  That is just sad.  I do hope that all of these changes I am working on will help with both my skin and hair.

I really have to get going, but I want to say one more thing I observed when we traveled.  It is no wonder people are over weight and obese.  There is food every where we go, and when people travel, it is a way to pass the time.  While we were sitting in the airport, I lost track of how many people just strolled by with their mega smoothies, snacks, sweets, burgers, fries, whatever.  EVERYBODY seemed to have food.  I understand that some people have been on a very long flight, and they are truly hungry.  But it is pretty easy to pick those people out.  The hubs even admitted this.  We had stopped by the Sky Club when we were waiting for our flight in NYC, and we had just had breakfast.  I was going to do a little work, so we went here where I would have room.  (OF course, I got lazy and decided not too work) but he right away got some food.  I asked him if he was hungry, and he said NO, just bored!!!!  Ok, so lets go and walk the hallways was my comeback, and we did.

OK, now I really have to get to get going.  But I will be back tomorrow.  Please leave me a comment below on anything you feel like, and until tomorrow

Be Happy!

Be Active!

Be Healthy!

And Root to Rise!

Until tomorrow


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