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Happy Friday Eve

Happy Friday Eve

Hey People!  Hope you are all doing well and staying cool and hydrated, or keeping safe from all of the storms.  WOW, it really seems like there are parts of the US that are getting BAD storms.  If these are in your area, please be careful!

Well, here we are again, it is almost Friday!  This week has flown by.  I know it was a short week, but there is the same amount of work to do, and maybe that is why it has gone so fast.

We are such routine people.  We started the day the same, we all walked,  (however, I seriously think that we will need to add at least a little to our morning walk since we now get this done much faster!)  Anyway, we all walked, stopped for a very enjoyable cup of coffee, and then came home.  I did go out for my “jog” today, and let me tell you, this felt awesome, for what ever reason!  My time was not very good, 3530Image-1

but I was working more on being steady, and I changed up my route a little so I had some hills to run up and a flight of steps.  Right now, I plan on doing this again tomorrow.

I did stop by the gym on the way up and did some good stretching.  We went on our second walk last night, and when we went to bed, after sitting and eating dinner and watching TV, the hubs commented how stiff he was.  I did suggest that maybe he should start stretching, but that may not happen.  I was impressed he wanted to go for a second walk with the heat.  But like OD said, the heat is going to around for awhile, just get used to it.

Back on track, my caloric intake yesterday was a lot, it was 1696.  I am not sure what I ate that much of, but that is okay.  Some days you are just hungrier then others, and it doesn’t hurt to shake things up once in a while!

My caloric burn was 1914.4530Image-1

I went back and did some checking, and I am SO consistent in the calories I burn every day.  I think that somehow, I need to mix this up a little and one or two days a week, have a REALLY big day of calories burned, I mean over 2000 calories burned, and I know the weekends are less.  Everything I read and hear says to “shake it up!”

My macros were530Image-1

A lot of carbs yesterday, when I just said I wanted to try and keep the carbs under 30 grams.  I know that I ate a lot of fruit yesterday, and we had Jerusalem artichokes for dinner.  I know these have a lot of carbs, but they also have a lot of other REALLY good things in them.

My micronutrients were2530Image-15530Image-1.jpg

I had a good amount of protein yesterday.  Did you notice my sodium intake was kind of high?  This is actually ok for me, but this was probably because I ate some anchovies yesterday.  Yes, I really like anchovies and they have a lot of really good things in them, like protein, Vitamin B, iron, and a lot of other things.  Let’s see how today goes.  I have salmon out for dinner,  but right now, our refrigerator looks pretty bare.

Random question, do you shop at Whole Foods?  We never really used to go there much, basically, once in awhile.  Well, recently, this has become a weekly stop.  They have the freshest and best fruit!  This time of year, the hubs kind of lives off fresh fruit for breakfast and a lot of times lunch.  (I know this is not the ideal thing for him to do, I keep telling him he needs more protein, but it is MUCH better then the two bagels he used to eat for breakfast every day, and the fast food or HUGE lunch he would eat every day)  My point is, we go though a lot of fruit anymore, so you can get the BIG bowls of fresh cut up fruit here.  I know you pay more for this, but if he will eat, I will buy it.  Last week when we stopped, we also got raspberries and black berries, along with pears and bananas, and this was all so good.  But then, we also bought several bags of frozen wild caught fish, (salmon, pollock, shrimp and scallops.)  Such good stuff.  Anyway, that is why I asked if you shop there.  If you do, what are some of your favorite things to buy and eat?  Let me know!

Another random topic,  are you binge watching anything right now?  We found another series on Netflix, “The Punisher”.  This is another one that is a real additive series.  We have one more episode for Season 1 and then there is Season 2.  This is great.  I will warn you, it has a LOT of graphic violence and kind of gross scenes in it, but it is SOO good!  You should check this out!  If you are binge watching anything, please let me know.

Well gang, it is that time again, time to go, time to get more on my list done!  But, please, do not forget to leave me a comment below on anything you want, let me know if you would like me to do another post on all of the companies that I work with, and don’t forget,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

(I think with the heat, I need to add)

Stay Hydrated!

And Root to Rise!

Until tomorrow



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