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We Made It!

We Made It!

Finally Friday!  For a short week, it did go by really fast, but what I CRAZY busy week.  It is almost 2 o’clock already and I still have a mountain of work to get done!  Some of it may wait until the weekend!  (That is what happens when you have your own business and work from home)  But the bad part of that is, you NEVER quit working!  (Quit your whining Tamie)  Can you tell, I am getting tired.

I thought that I slept good last night, but for some reason, it just kind of hit, I am exhausted!  I think it is everything just catching up with me.  A good nights sleep and I will be like brand new!

Same as always, we all walked this morning, and the hubs had no hurry mode behind him so we sat at coffee a little longer then normal, which put me behind already, but, sometimes, I really need to learn to relax once in awhile.  It was just that today, being the end of the month, I had all of my end of month work to get done, and that takes me a while, plus, I really have to think about this!  And sometimes, that is just really hard, to think that hard😫

Anyway, on with it.  After we got home from our walk, I just went to the gym and did a “pretty” good lift.  I did my made up 5×5, I did five sets of each of the below:

Dumbbell Bench Press @ 20 lbs

Leg Press @ 145 lbs

I alternated between dips and pull ups

Smith Machine Pull Ups @ 20 lbs

Rope Tri’s @ 60 lbs

I also did Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs @ 35 lbs

And I did ab work, and sprints.  I was a little slow, again, I think I was just a little tired.  It wasn’t that I did not want to go out and jog, but I really need to work on my strength, and I will still get about 8 miles in today, so I am counting this as “run” day. This is day 16 of 39 days of running.

My caloric intake yesterday was 1428 calories, and my caloric burn was 1923 calories.  I am so consistent on this!3531Image-1

My macros yesterday were531Image-1.jpg

I see I had a LOT of carbs yesterday, I am sure it was because of the fruit and we had potatoes for dinner, and not enough protein.  Things to work on.  My micronutrients were2531Image-11531Image-1

Not too bad, but again, things I need to work on.

I was listening to my favorite podcast, like I do every morning when I am jogging or lifting weights, and they were talking about many interesting topics, but the one that really interested me yesterday was supplements and trends that have come and gone over the years.

They were talking about supplements, and they really stressed, if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, you REALLY do not need things like BCAA’s, protein powders, protein bars, creatine, CLA’s, they went through a whole list of these.  Now, they did say that for SOME people, these can be very helpful, but as a rule of thumb, if you do eat a healthy and well balanced diet, including lots of fresh produce, a lot of greens, a lot of good proteins, you don’t need the additional supplements.  They did state the bars, for example, if you are traveling, or doing something that prevents you from getting a good meal, then the bars are good, better then fast food, but we should not make a daily habit or steady diet of these.

They also talked about various “trends” that have been popular over the years. Some of these were eating 6 small meals a day, doing strictly cardio and no weights, or weights and no cardio, the various programs like Beach Body, or online videos from “celebrities”.  They stressed, if you eat healthy, well balanced meals from good food, exercise regularly, now, they prefer weight lifting over cardio, but they also stressed whatever you are comfortable doing and like doing, because if you do not like what you do, you will not continue it, this is the best route to take.  They also talked about how if something is NOT working, maybe it is time to mix it up some.  For example, if you have been doing the SAME lifting routine, and you do not see any gains, maybe you need to do LESS days, take a day off once in awhile, or increase our weight, or change up your diet, basically, you need to experiment and see what works for you.

You would think, that at my age, I would know all of this, but I think that I still learn new stuff every day, which is the way it should be.  (Man, I kind of got off topic, I think)  But, this is why I like to mix it up, I change up my lifting, I try different weights, techniques, sometimes I jog, sometimes I lift, and as I stated yesterday, I need to mix up my caloric intake from time to time.  More some days, less others.  Do you have a favorite routine you stick too, or do you mix it up, and are you seeing gains?  Send me a message and let me know, I am interested in what you are doing!

Ok, one day next week and I am going to relist all of the companies that I work with. I want you all to go to these, and buy just one thing.  I REALLY want to start the podcast and become successful at that, so that I can slow down from my ATW and really concentrate on this blog and the soon to come podcast.  Won’t you help me out?

Which brings me to Beauty Counter.  I am going to work this really hard for the month of June, next week I am having a virtual social, and if I do not make my quota, I may have to quit on this.  It seems I have put a lot of work into this, and I have made a little money, but Beauty Counter is very strict about the amount of sales you MUST maintain, and I have not made this for the last two months.  So, I have decided to really promote this for the month of June, and if I do not make the quota, I will have to give up on this.  This will be a little hard, because I really do like the BC  products, but it just is getting to be a lot of work, for little return.

So, I do have samples of many of their products, if you would like ANY samples, please send me an e-mail
and I will get samples out to you.

Also, once I set up the virtual social, I will let you all know this as well.  So please, go to my website

place your order, and help me get this blog/podcast going!

And next week I will do one entire post on all of the companies that I do work with, their websites, and the discount codes.  So be sure to check out that post, and PLACE YOUR ORDERS!!!!

Ok doodle bugs, I need to get going, get more done, get things taken care, and maybe get more coffee. So, until Monday,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

Stay Hydrated!


Root to Rise!

Everyone, have a GREAT weekend, and come back Monday and be ready to shop!

Until then


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