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Day 20 of 39, halfway!

Day 20 of 39, halfway!

Hey all, today is day 20 of 39 days of running one mile or more.  I have FINALLY made it halfway!  This is taking more effort than I normally use for ANYTHING, but it is starting to feel really good!  I will talk more about this later in this blog.

Ok, again, same old same old, we got up and all walked and coffeed this AM, it was much more humid out than it has been, but still, not too bad.  When I got back in, and got G his BIG bowl of ice water, I went back out and jogged 1.2 miles, 466Image-1

I used Strava today, I use to use this all the time, but then started using Nike Run.  I thought that I would try this today, but I don’t like this as well as Nike, so tomorrow, I am going back to Nike.  I just feel like Nike gives you a little more information.  What run programs to you use?  If you have a different one that you really love, let me know what it is.

I kept track of EVERY bite that I put in my mouth yesterday, and my total caloric intake was 1670 calories, my caloric burn was 1936 calories.366Image-1

I increased my Move Goal slightly and still made it with lots of room to spare.  I may need to increase that again.

My macros yesterday were266Image-1

In my unprofressional opinion, this is as close to the perfect mix I will come.  This looks good to me and seems to be a good mix.  I also drank 72 oz of water, which really doesn’t sound like enough.  Apparently, I drank most of that at the end of the day because I got up several times through the night.

My micro nutrients for yesterday were166Image-1


Again, almost the perfect mix.

I told you yesterday how I was really getting into recycling.  My cleaners were here yesterday, and I forgot to tell them that bag was NOT trash.  I noticed when they were gone, they must have assumed it was trash, because it was gone.  OOPPSS!  My bad, next time they come I have to remind them that bag is recyclables, not trash!

The company that I work with that I am going to blog about today is


I kind of quit using this for awhile because I was really trying to not put too much in my body, but I recently  started up again.  I just wasn’t sleeping as good, and I know this helps with sleep.  I can certainly tell the difference when I do not take this at night.   When I take it, I fall asleep easily, I sleep soundly, and I wake up feeling much better.  I also use the Green Juice daily.  I put this in one of my morning water bottles and drink it on our walk/jalk first think in the morning.  It is hard to explain the way it makes you feel, but it gives you a little energy, and it certainly helps with your digestive system.  You can see all of their awesome products at

Once you check out their site and want to place that order, enter code Tamie15 to get your 15% discount.  If you have questions or comments, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you shortly.

They have also recently introduced

This delicious superfood drink is for radiant skin! It supports collagen production, repair sun-damaged skin, and restore that youthful, vibrant look.

I have not yet tried this, they just introduced this and they are not even shipping it yet, but you can get on their list to be notified AS SOON as it is released.

Go the Organifi web site and buy something.  You will be doing your body so much good, plus, you will be helping me with this blog soon to be podcast!

I am going back to the jogging thing.  In the e-mail I just received from


they are promoting The Race For a Cure is On!

I read up on this, and basically, yes it is a fund raiser for Arthritis Research, and as you all know, I am very much for any research that might help everyone with any form of arthritis.  You sign up for this, you set your own goals, you run, walk or jog whenever, wherever, at what ever pace, and distance you want.  They help you set up a funding page and you go from there.

Before I really commit to this, I want to talk with OS.  I want to make sure that MOST of the proceeds from the fund raising go directly to the research.  I want to hear what he knows about this Organization.  I feel it is a good cause, and VERY legitimate, but he knows about things like this and I want his opinion.  If he does give it the thumbs up, I will set this up and I will probably post this on my blog.  Not to be asking for money, that will not be the intent, but I want to show you what I am doing and maybe get others to join in.  I know some of you readers have RA, and this might be a good thing for you to do. Maybe we can set up a team!

I also felt that since I am doing this 39 days of one mile or more per day, I can combine the two.  AGREE!!!

It is that time gang, got to go, got to get more work done, and lots of other things going on.  So, remember to check out Organifi and buy something, and leave me a comment below on anything you want.  If you or anyone you know has any type of Auto immune disease, let me know, maybe we can join forces.  And, don’t forget to

Be Active!

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Stay Hydrated!

And Root To Rise!

and until tomorrow


I would love to hear your feedback