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Friday Eve!

Friday Eve!

It is Friday Eve and I am REALLY ready for the weekend, already.  Even though this week is FLYING by, it has been really busy.

So what’s up with you today?  Thought we might get rained out for our walk this morning, but it drizzled just a little so we lucked out.  It was actually pretty comfortable sitting at coffee.

I did go out for another “jog” after I got G all taken care of.  My intent was to go just a little further today, but again, it was drizzling out and I didn’t want to get caught in the rain.  I did the below666Image-1

Just a little shorter than yesterday, but pretty average pace.  Maybe tomorrow I can pick up the pace a little.  (My other excuse today was my legs were just a little tired)  Or that is what they told me!

My total caloric intake yesterday was 1405 calories.  My total burn was 1854 calories.  1166Image-1

I just can’t seem to get to 20,000 steps.

I was doing REALLY good yesterday, (I want to try to reach 2000 calories in a day, why, because I can) but then yesterday afternoon I get REALLY busy with ATW and barely moved from my desk.  As you can see, I did not even make my stand goal!  I am paying closer attention today.

My macros for yesterday were 966Image-1

Not too bad.  I am pretty consistent on this.  Because I eat so much fresh fruit and vegetables, it is really hard to eat very many LESS carbs.  But I feel the fresh produce is very beneficial.  My micro nutrients from yesterday were



Are you guys getting tired of the above information yet?  If you are, just let me know.  Sometimes, I think that I do this more for me than you readers, and I want you readers to be happy and keep coming back.

Today, the company I want to promote is

Four Athletics:

This company is an awesome company.  Their athletic wear is GREAT!   The company itself is an awesome company to work with, and their clothing fits so well!

I want to order a pairHero5SunsetOrange.jpg

of their new Omni shorts.  I like this color, they have these in stock and the Omni Air short is designed to maximize comfort, coverage and mobility. The fit and quality you have come to love from all of our products in a light weight fabric in all new summer colors.

Please go to their website

And check out what they have going on now.  I always post as they get new products in and when you do place your order, be sure to enter code tamiesjourney to get your discount.  Again, let me know what you think.

I haven’t listened to any podcasts recently, I think I just got burned out for a minute.  I did listen to one today, or part of one, (it always takes me several days to listen to one entire podcast, unless the hubs is traveling) but the part I heard hit so close to home. They were talking about how they can work so much better, how much more relaxed they are, and how it affects their mood and attitude, if everything is in place and orderly.  This made me laugh.  I truly thought that I was the only the one that was this OCD.  They were talking about how they like the bed made a certain way, the blankets on the couch folded a certain way, the dishes need to be either put away or loaded in the dishwasher, everything needs to be nice and tidy.  That is so like me.  In the mornings, I do not feel like I can do anything properly until AFTER I have been through the shower, and everything is picked up and nice and orderly.  I don’t like to go to bed at night until everything is put away and again, nice and orderly.  Wow, so there are more of us out there!

I mentioned we were watching the Punisher on Netflix.  There were two seasons to this, and we have now watched both.  If you are looking for something to binge watch, I do recommend this, BUT, beware, there is a lot of graphic violence.  If you are binge watching anything right now, please share, we will be looking for something new to watch.

I have not talked with OS yet, so I have not yet committed to “Race for a Cure”.  I have read a lot about this organization, and it does appear that most of the money raised goes directly to research, but again, I will wait until I take with him.  I know that he has been very busy at work, but I have that mom feeling he will call tomorrow.

Well chiclets, time to get back to it.  (besides, my watch is telling me it is time to stand)  So, please checkout the companies that I do work with, order something, let me know what you have ordered, or if you already have received it, what you think. You will be getting great products and you will be helping get the podcast up and going!  Leave me a comment below on anything you want, are you happy reading this blog, are there topics you do want to hear about, do you have questions on any of the companies I work with, anything you want, just leave me a comment.  And until tomorrow

Be Happy!

Be Active!

Be Healthy!

Start Hydrated!

And Root to Rise!

and come back tomorrow for more


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