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Welcome to the jungle!

Welcome to the jungle!

Hello all you busy bees out there!  Welcome to Friday!!!!  Finally, we made it!  I am sitting at my desk, just took G out for his lunch walk and the sun is actually trying to peak out a little.  That has just given me a HUGE shot if energy.  Or, maybe it is has come from the second Grande Dark Roast I am drinking.  Wherever, I really don’t care because I am feeling pretty good right now!

G and I did get our walk in this morning, the hubs didn’t go out with us because it WAS really raining when we got up, but by the time G and I got out there, about one minute after we got out, it stopped raining.  We ended up doing almost two miles, SCORE!!!  I hadn’t planned on that!  I took him home, and then just went down to the gym.  I did not want to try to go out doors, there were some ANGRY looking clouds out and about 5 minutes after I got to the gym, it just POURED!!  Wow, I got lucky twice already today.  ( I have to go out and get a mega millions ticket for tonight I think)

Ok, I got to the gym and did about 20 minutes of INTENSE lifting, and then, I was feeling pretty good, so I got on the treadmill and did my one mile.  My time was not even ok, it was just well, whatever.  This was my time


But, at least I did that.  Today is day 22 of 39 days of jogging one mile!  17 days to go!!!!  I may keep this up because, well, I like it!

My caloric intake for yesterday was 1617 calories, ( I really think I need to cut back on the calories a little, but, well, I don’t know, any suggestions from anyone out there)  My total caloric burn was 1934 calories.  I am so consistent on this.


Again, I did not get to my 20,000 steps.

My macros for yesterday were367Image-1

A lot of carbs, but we had plantains for dinner and I had a banana yesterday and as always, a lot of fresh fruit and other vegetables.

My micronutrients were167Image-167Image-1

Actually according to my “goal”, I did not quite meet my carb goal, but I also did not meet my protein goal.  MUST EAT MORE PROTEIN!

The company that I work with that I want to promote today is

Branch Basics

I like MOST of their products.  I like their all purpose cleaner, this does a good job and only takes a little bit.  I also like their glass cleaner. I was really impressed with their hand soap.  One tiny pump of the foaming hand soap and your hands are clean and sanitized.  Below is a little information on them.

  1. REVIEW: Do a sweep of your home and pull out all pesticides and cleaning products. Review the labels and look for toxic red flags like CAUTION, WARNING & DANGER. Read more about this process here.
  2. REMOVE: Remove all pesticides and toxic cleaning products from your home. (Yes, even those “clean” smelling wipes you’re tempted to keep or the products sealed shut you hate to throw out.)
  3. REPLACE: Replace your cleaners with ones that are truly non-toxic and safe. OurStarter Kit + Oxygen Boost makes this transition easy as it will replace every cleaner in your home!

I have been using my Branch Basics cleaner a LOT, and I really like this.  I even tried the Oxygen Boost in my bathrooms, and it does an amazing job, and there is no bleach smell.    You can check out all of their great cleaning products by clicking on my Branch Basics site

And check out their safer cleaning products and place your order, enter Code Tamiesjourneyyou will get 15% off.   If you have questions on this, please let me know.  Just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

I have to talk about the “running streak” for a minute.  I was rereading the article last night, and it said how a streak can be anything you want to get into the habit of doing.  For example, I am doing the jog one mile a day for 39 days, but maybe you want to eat more greens every day, so you make sure you eat at least one serving of greens every day.  Maybe you want to get stronger, so you lift a little heavier every day.  What ever it is you want to improve at, that can be your “streak”.  What will your streak be?  Let me know.

I mentioned yesterday that we had finished watching the “Punisher” and now we needed something new to bing watch.  Just by accident, the hubs four “What If” on Netflix, and we watched 2 episodes of that last night.  This is going to be a good series to watch.  After just 2 episodes, it had my attention!  Have you watched this?  If so, what was your thoughts on this?  Let me know.

Do you have plans of the weekend?  Will you be doing anything fun?  Please feel free to share your weekend with us, because you know on Monday, I will share mine.

Well bumble bees, I have to get back to getting shit done.  I am on a roll today and because it is the Dragon Boat Festival today, I am getting a lot of those little things “I will do later” done today, and I don’t want to lose that mo jo.  So, remember to leave me comment below on anything you want, remember to go to the websites of the companies that I have blogged on this week, buy something, enjoy good quality healthy products and help me grow this blog into a podcast, and don’t forget to

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

Stay Hydrated!

and Root to Rise!

and until Monday


Have a Great Weekend!

I would love to hear your feedback