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Happy Monday

Happy Monday

Wow, wasn’t sure I would have the time to get this done today.  What a day.  Just got off a call with one of my ATW customers, I have not talked with him for a LONG time, and we talked for over half an hour. But it was all good.

Decided I just needed to make the time to get this done, BUT, it might be a little shorter than usual.  Are you good with that?

Did everyone have a good weekend?  What did you do?  The weather here was kind of crappy, lots of rain, but we did manage to somehow luck out and get our morning walks in each day.  (Thank you rain gods) We even went to the mall yesterday afternoon just to get a little extra walking in.

Saturday, we went and got traditional Chinese Foot massages.  This was an hour massage, and man, were my feet dooing the Happy Dance after, they really needed this.  It was funny, we walked in, told them we each wanted foot massages, they showed us to the chairs, and luck of the draw, I got the better massage.  The hubs said he was very happy with his, but he was watching my guy and wished he would have had the guy that did my massage.  Sorry, I got lucky!  It was good.

And other than go to Whole Foods twice, and running errands, and oh, binge watching TV, that was pretty much our weekend!  Kind of restful though.  What did you do, please share.

The foot massage obviously did not help my running.  (But, I will preface this by saying I slept like CRAP last night, woke about 2 with the WORST headache ever.  (I never get headaches)  Still had it when I got up and just could not get going.)  G and I got about a 2 mile walk in, then I wanted to try jogging my mile, but the best I could do was


Every time my foot hit the ground, my entire head POUNDED.  After this, I really felt like I had to do something, so I went to the gym and did a quick 25 minute lift and stretch, and after that, I finally started to feel better.  Not sure what was going on!! But, it is now day 24 of 39 days of running one mile!!!!

I did take a good long think about what I did over the weekend, and ate, and I think some of my problem is, and PLEASE, help me get over this, is that after dinner, my mind THINKS I have to have something.  I normally have fruit, but then I might add some nut butter, some yogurt, some nuts or seeds, and I have been adding my Gold Juice to this concotion.  Well, by the time I get this all put together, it is like  meal, there is so much CRAP in it.

So, I had to go to Target today, (silly me, I was completely out of laundry soap) and I picked up some healthy snacks that both the hubs and myself used to eat.  These were the Atkins Snack Size Bars and the Enlightened Frozen Yogurt Bars.  These are both low in sugar, lower in carbs, lower calories and have protein.  Maybe, I can get myself to eat JUST ONE of either of these and be happy for the night!  Do you have an evening snack or something you eat to curb your sweet tooth?  If you do, let me know what that is.

I actually am hoping the hubs will take the hint and maybe eat these to.  I have not asked him, and will not, but I think maybe his weight has “Plateaued” and it seems he is eating a few too many snacks at night.  I hope to lead by example!

Talked with OS today for a few minutes, and I asked him about the Racing for a Cure and if this was a good research foundation.  He is going to check it out and let me know.  Once he gets back to me, I will make the decision if I want to sign up for this or not.  Will you make a small donation if I do?  Let me know.

I mentioned the other day we were watching “What If’ on Netflix.  Well, we finished this yesterday, and if you have not watched this, and need something to binge on, WATCH THIS!  There were two seasons of this, and I am sure there will be a third, but this was a great series to watch!  Kept you in suspense most of the time!  If you have watched it, let me know what you thought!

How many of you have gone to the websites of the companies that I work with?  And if you did, have you bought something?  Let me know.

There are two new  businesses that I am trying to become affiliates with.   I am testing product from one of them now, and once I have used this for a month, I will report to you on it.

Well gang, this is all I got today because I need to get back to ATW and a few other things yet.  Like I keep telling you, if you would help support this blog, I could SEIRAASLY work on the podcast and then you could just listen to me!  Right!

Ok, remember to leave me a comment below on any topic you want, good bad or otherwise, and remember to

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

Stay Hydrated!

and Root to Rise!

and until tomorrow


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