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Hello Hello all you followers who keep coming back!  Thank You!  Just Keep on Coming!!

What a day!  I slept so GOOD last night, I seriously cannot remember when I have slept like that.  Perhaps, it was because I did not stuff myself like porky pig last night before I went to bed.  I told you all about the “healthier” snacks I got yesterday.  Well, last night, after dinner, instead of making my usual “trough” of food, I had one Enlighten Frozen Yogurt Bar and one half of the Tone it Up protein snacks I got, and that was it.  Hopefully, I can do that again tonight and sleep like I did last night.  Amazing what a good nights sleep can do.

The weather was simply marvelous out this morning.  We even walked a little further this am!!!  But, I tell you, there are ASS HATS every where. I was glad the hubs was with us this morning.   There was a car stopped at light that had a big beautiful husky in the back with its head out the window.  All of the sudden he was out and running at me and G.  The hubs caught him and I held G, but the fat ass hat of the lady that was driving took her SWEET fat time getting the dog.  He was friendly and probably no threat, but what  would have happened if there had been a car coming?  ASS HATS everywhere!   Some people maybe should not have dogs.

We went on to have our coffee and it was so NICE out.  I got G taken care of and on his pillow, and then went back out for my Day 25 of 39 Days of running one mile.  Much better then yesterday, not awesome, but betterrun

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I want to do 1.1 miles at a pace of 12:30.  Think I can do it?  Cheer me on🏃

On to my food intake yesterday.  My total caloric intake was 1295 calories, and my total caloric burn was 1869 calories.  I did not quite make my 20,000 steps, maybe today.3611Image-1

My macros for yesterday were2611Image-1

Not the perfect mix, but maybe, since I slept so fantastic last night, I need to aim for this mix more often.  Let’s see how today and tonight goes.

My micronutrients were1611Image-1611Image-1

Again, I want to see how today and tonight goes, maybe this is the mix I need???

Have any of you watched the HBO mini series Chernobyl?  We started this on Sunday and finished up last night.  If you have not watched this, DO!  This was not that long ago, a little over 30 years, and the devastation that this caused and the deaths!!!  I remember this well but you learn so much more about this in the series.  It was heart wrenching to watch this and to see what the people were put through.  Again, I did not know about a lot of this, and I can’t say I “enjoyed” watching this, but I am glad I did as I learned a lot.  If you have watched this, let me know what you thought and how it made you feel.  Send a message to me at

I might be the only one that does this, but do you ever just read random blogs?  I do, and I came across this interesting one the other day that caught my attention.  It was about in Japan, the secret to living a longer, happier and more fulfilled life can be summed up in one word: Ikigai.

In Japanese, ski means “to live” and gai means “reason” — in other words, your reason to live.  Now, I do not need any more reasons to live, I have several that make getting up every day a pleasure, the hubs, OD, OS and G, but it was a very interesting blog.

It went on to say:

“In America, we divide our adult life into two categories: Our work life and our retirement life,” he says. “In Okinawa, there isn’t even a word for retirement. Instead there’s simply ‘ikigai,’ which essentially means ‘the reason for which you wake up in the morning.’”

The blog cited the ikigai of several Okinawans: For a 101-year-old fisherman, it was catching fish for his family three times a week; for a 102-year-old woman, it was holding her tiny great-great-great-granddaughter (which she said was “like leaping into heaven”); for a 102-year-old karate master, it was teaching martial arts.

So I have a question for you, what is your “ikigai” for getting up every morning?  I think this is an interesting topic for discussion, so again, send me an e-mail

and tell me what your ikigai is.  We can compare what motivates everyone to get up every day.

Well kiddies, I know this is a little shorter than I like to post, but in the middle of posting this, I got two long phone calls from customers and a text, so now, I need to get back at it again.

You know, one of my favorite weekly podcasts has just changed from weekly to monthly podcasts.  This would be the perfect time to start a new weekly podcast!!! Don’t you think?  Well, if you guys want that to happen, you need to start by helping get this blog turned into the podcast I AM TRYING to do, did you get the hint?

So, remember to leave me a comment below, let me know what you think, go to the websites of the companies that I am working with, BUY something, help support the soon to be podcast, and, until tomorrow

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