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Just another Day in Paradise!

Just another Day in Paradise!

HELLO!!!! Whew, another crazy but productive day!

First, I do not have any jog time to post today.  We went on our little “longer” walk this morning.  This ends up to be 3 miles by the time we get home.  I did not got back and go out for a jog AND I did not go to the gym.  (That is not like me) but I had a doctor appointment and no time.  But, at lunch, (which  I really did not have the time to do, but the hubs wanted to go out for another walk)  I was not going to say no to that, so we did another 3 miles.  WOO HOO!  It went really well, and he just said he might go out again this evening!!!  What the heck has gotten into him?  And, I am counting this as day of running, so today is day 27 of 39!

Anyway, I had a pretty active day yesterday, but I also ate a LOT.  My total caloric intake yesterday was 1650 calories, and my to caloric burn was 2004 calories.  I think  that is a HIGH for me.613Image-1

Also, note, I had 21,000 steps yesterday.  Can I do that again today?

My macros for yesterday were 1613Image-1

Not the best mix but not bad.  My micro nutrients were3613Image-1I2613mage-1

Not too bad.  If it appears that I have been eating a lot of sodium, that is because I have been eating anchovies.  I know, most people do not like anchovies, but I do, and sometimes, I can feel that I need the extra salt. Plus, anchovies have a lot of good B vitamins in them.

Ok, on with it.

First, I just have to say that I feel bad for OD.  Again, don’t know what got into the hubs, but he was on this like poor poor pitiful me rant yesterday about OD and she hadn’t called him to make plans for Fathers Day!  Well, really, you THINK she forgot? So I sent her a message and then she thought I felt she forgot.  No, I just was tired of the hubs and his pity party.  Poor thing.  The last thing she would ever do is forget him especially on Fathers Day.  No worry, all is well, he told her he wants to go to Venice for Fathers Day and he did not mean Venice Beach!  Good luck with that!

OK, I have to keep moving because I have a lot to do today.  I did take care of the Racing for a Cure yesterday, (I haven’t received any donations yet, what the heck, I am sure the site has been up for at least maybe 12 hours now😫)  Anyway I did say that I would share the link and the information, so this is the link to my page

Share This Fundaiser

Racing For A Cure
Tamie Wahle‘s Fundraiser

My name is Tamie and I have RA.  I have joined this very worth while cause in hopes of raising a minimum of $500 for this research foundation.

I pledge to walk/jog/run everyday, a minimum of 3 miles every day, until I raise at least the $500.  I will still continue this after I raise this money.

My hope is that one day, they will find a cure for Arthritis.  I know this will probably not happen in my lifetime, but one day, they will find something that might help others.

Along my journey,  I may find something that will help to ease the “pain” somewhat.  There is so much to learn every day about arthritis, so many things most people do not know.  I hope to help educate people and hope to help this foudnation.

And besides, I just like being active and I want to active as long as I can.

Join the Racing For A Cure team by making any size donation you can. Just click “Donate Today”

Thank You for any donation you canmake, big or small, and follow my journey.  I will post updates as to my walks.


Please feel free to make a small donation if you want.  I will personally thank you.

Speaking of RA, the doctor I went to today was for my hearing.  I finally made this appointment after the hubs keep telling me I can’t here shit!  Well, really, who wants to hear shit!!  Anyway, I made this appointment, and this was a very in depth hearing test.  What I learned, was that my hearing is really pretty good.  I do have some slight pressure in my left ear, which is why I do not hear as well out of that ear, but overall, good hearing.  In talking the doctor said, when you can’t hear something, does that make you want to turn it up?  My reply, NO, I want to turn it down because then it is easier to distinguish voices.  Well, that lead to a whole conversation, and me learning a lot.  Apparently, because of my RA, this will cause “some people”, to have overly sensitive nerve endings in your ear.  When that happens, it is like some sounds are really amplified, and this will block out other sounds.  Like voices.  There is nothing that can be done for this, (he did suggest I talk with my rhuematoligist, which I will do at my next visit,)  because he said sometimes, the medicine you take for RA will cause this.  He said if I did notice a SUDDEN and DRASTIC decrease in my hearing, to come back and they will give me a steroid shot, because that means my nerves are inflamed and blocking all hearing.  Good God, is there any thing else that RA causes!  That is why, I am very glad that I am doing the Race for a Cure.

OK, sorry gang, but need to get back at it, need to get more ATW work done, so I can “take” the hubs and G on one more walk today.  And Bonus, it is SO nice out today.  But, please, check out my Racing for a Cure page and if you can, please leave a SMALL donation, and please leave me a comment below about what ever you want.

And, until tomorrow,

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

Stay Hydrated!

And Root to Rise!

Until tomorrow doodle bugs


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