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Day 28 of 39 Days of Running 1 Mile

Day 28 of 39 Days of Running 1 Mile

Well Hello all of you wonderful readers.

I am really bummed.  I had this post all done and something happened to my  laptop and it rebooted and I lost the ENTIRE post.  Oh Well, I will just start over.

We made it to Friday and this weather, I think, is giving me a lot of energy, although, now, I am bummed because I have to try to remember everything I just posted on.

Let’s just get to it.

We did our “normal”walk this am, about 2 miles by the time we got home.  The weather was actually “cool”, I put on a light sweat shirt.  We stopped for coffee and another bummer, they were not open.  We sat for a few minutes, we were going to wait.  There were quite a few people waiting.  One of the other “regulars” came up to us and said “AGAIN”!  Apparently, this is like the 4th time this has happened in the last two weeks.  Wow, that is not good.  We opted to not wait, and walked home.  Again, once I got G all taken care of, I did my one mile on the treadmill, and I must say, not bad time.I1614mage-1

It felt good today.

My total caloric intake  for yesterday was 1525 calories, and my total caloric burn was “wait for it”, was 1926,  darn, 😞I thought I would hit over 2000 calories yesterday.  Maybe today.5614Image-1

I did make over 20,00 steps😀 and I think I will get that again today.

My macros for yesterday were a good mix4614Image-1

I like to see this.  My micro nutrients for yesterday were 2614Image-12614Image-1

not too bad of a mix.  I hope to do this again today.

Once I got in this morning and sat down to my desk, I got a lot down, which was good because the hubs wanted to get all of our grocery shopping done today.  (Amazingly, this went really fast mid morning on a Friday)

He wanted to get this done because he wants to get out Saturday for a GOOD ride, in his words, on the motorcycles. Sunday, he is looking forward to having “brunch” with OD and visiting with her for Father’s Day.    He wanted to get everything done today so we do not have to hurry over the weekend.  Good idea.

And Bonus, he also wanted to go for the lunch time walk again!!  It was so nice out.  I tracked this walk using Strava.  I have only used this twice, but I kind of like this.  I think that I will use this more often.  This was my lunch walk5614Image-1

Not too bad considering Mr. G kept stopping and looking for a place to do “his business” and that kind of slowed me down.  But good walk!  Man you would think with all of this cardio I would be like super woman, but guess what!!  NOT, just a plane jane!

In my mind, I have been bouncing back and forth this question, Is it better to run, or in my case jog, or lift weights.  My heart is really for lifting weights, but my body prefers the jogs.  I did some reading in the RW streak yesterday, and there were several people that were saying to be a “good” runner, you need to be strong.  Their preferred system is doing both.  They felt this was a good balance and they felt their best on this regime.

I think that once I finish my 39 days, I will start to alternate between one day jogging, the next day lifting, and I will do that for 39 days, and see how that works.  What kind of regime to you do?  Let me know and let me know how you like that.

OK, I need to talk about Beauty Counter for a little bit.  I will not be promoting this any longer, and as the end of June, I will not be a Beauty Counter Consultant any longer.  I have received a message today, that if I do not make my quota by the end of June, and I know I won’t, I will not be a consultant any longer.

Now, I will not say anything bad about BC because I do feel their products are ok, however, they are a little costly and not everyone can afford that.  I have been using their products for about 8-9 months now, and I do not see any difference in my skin.  I realize there is no miracle product out there, maybe the only thing that will make a big difference is botox and I will NOT do that.  But, I also feel there are other products out there that will work just as well as a lesser cost.  I will still always use only safer skin care, but I will need to find others to use.  If you use a GOOD safer skin care product, and are really happy with it, tell me what it is.

Maybe I just did not devote enough time to BC, but I did a lot of work on this.  Now, without this, I will have more time to promote the other companies I work with that I REALLY like their products, like Hello Ned.  I say that because I just took some of this.  I seem to have a few issues today and this alway seems to help.

Next week again, I will talk about one company each day in depth that I work with and why I like their products.  Have you gone to any of the companies that I work with and have you bought anything?  Let me know.

Well people, it is that time again.  Plus it is getting late in the afternoon, since I have had to do this twice, and I need to get some other work done yet.  If you have plans for the weekend, let me know.  If you do anything fun, please share pictures.  I will try to remember to take a few pics while we are on the bikes and also, some of our Dim Sum on Sunday with OD.  I do hope Z comes along, it has been some time since we have seen him.

Any who, on with it.  Remember to leave me a comment below on anything you would like, if you have checked out my companies, which is your favorite?  And until Monday

Be Happy!

Be Healthy!

Be Active!

Stay Hydrated!

And Root to Rise!

And have a great weekend!

Until Monday xoxo








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