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Asking for your opinion

Hello to all of you self-quarantined people out there.   I hope you are all staying healthy.

I want to ask you all a very serious question.  I seem to have a “little” extra time on my hands, and am seriously thinking of starting up my blog again.  My question, how many of you would like to see (or read) this again.  I promise, when I do start to blog again, I will do this on daily, Monday thru Friday, basis, and try to cover topics you would like to read about.

If you would like to see this blog again, please let me know some topics you would be interested in reading.  I am open to all of your ideas.  Please feel free to leave me a comment below, or reply to my e-mail

Thanks to all and I will follow up with a commitment on Monday.


Everyone!! Stay safe and healthy and have a GREAT WEEKEND!

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