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Hello Again!

Well hello there and forever since I have been here.

I know I have been gone a very long time. This was bad on me. I could give you all kinds of excuses, but won’t. I am back, for now, but I want to ask everyone out there a very important question. I want to start blogging again, and eventually, maybe even start my own podcast. My question is, for you people out there reading this, would you come back every day, Monday thru Friday, and read my blog? Would it be better to just blog 3 days a week? I want to know how many of you would read and how often. You can post your answers at the bottom of this page, or you can send me a message to my direct e-mail But PLEASE, let me know. Next question, if you would read, I have also stared working with some new products, would you be interested in learning about these products, or is that too much advertising for you? OK, this is all I have today. I will wait very impatiently for your replies. (Just so you know, today is Wednesday, June 9th. I plan on starting to blog again on Monday, June 14th, so I want your input! Remember, your only competition is you! Thanks to all you respond!

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