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Well, it has been some time, (way too long) since I have done a blog post. Well, today is the day that I am BACK. I will not blog everyday, two, maybe three times a week. You will have to check back from time to time, to see the new post.

I have too much to share with everyone, I really do not know where to start. I have new products I am working on, I have a new grandson, ok, maybe I should start there. I will not give too many details out, as his parents may not want me to, but I will say he is the most precious baby you have ever seen. He is already over one year old, and his parents are doing a fabulous job of raising him. I will ask if I can put a picture of him on my blog. So check back frequently.

Wow, once I started this, I realized I have so much to catch you all up on, besides the new grand baby. I really do not know where to start. My goal was, to update you and too put all of the products that I am working on in this blog, but I have too much. And if you are like me, I do not like to read LONG and LENGTHY blogs. I think what I will do is share what has been going on in my life over the last year and a half, and tomorrow, Wednesday, I will put all of the companies and products I am working with, and their codes. Sound good to you, awesome, let’s go! COVID was a long and nasty disruption in everyones lives. No one could go anywhere, do anything, it just sucked. We still haven’t been able to see our son and daughter-in-law, BUT, we are going there for Thanksgiving, and I am REALLY excited about that. If anyone out there is from Boston, give me some ideas of the best things to do. I have already told my son I want to do the Salem Witch tour. And I know he and our daughter-in-law will have lots planned for us. They are both AWESOME cooks, so I know we will have lots of good food. (I guess I better start to pre diet now) Speaking of diet, is it just me, or am I really such a bitch that I am even saying this, but does it seem a lot of people gained a LOT of weight during COVID? Shame on me for saying that, because I WAS one of those people, but WOW, we were in Savannah over the weekend and there are some LARGE people out there. I am so happy that both my husband and I are on a mission to lose weight, and it does seem to be working. You want to know what we are doing? We are getting the Bistro MD meals. We did this a number of years ago, and it really worked, so we are doing this again. If you do not know what they are, check them out, they are awesome. You can pick the type of plan you want, I am on the Gluten Free and hubs in on the Heart Healthy, and then from there, you can even customize each meal and snack, if you chose to get the snacks. These are a few pictures of some of the meals they offer:
Lasagna with Garden Marinara
Lasagna with Garden Marinara
Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Marsala
Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Marsala
Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce
Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce They also have registered dietitian that you can work with to help you do what is right for you. (I actually have a consultation scheduled for Thursday of this week) OK, these are a bit pricey, but once you calculate the time and work they save, plus, there is no planning or clean up, it is really very reasonable. If you want more information on this, reach out to me at and I will answer your questions and direct you to the person you want to chat with. Also, if you are serious about getting in better shape, and want a great fitness trainer/instructor, I HIGHLY recommend Pam Myers,, she is an awesome trainer, (she has competed in numerous body building competitions), she is an awesome person, and knows what she is doing. She can help you achieve your goal. I do want to promote one item I have started working with. EVERY girl that likes a little bling needs one of these. They are TOMO Bottles.
TOMO Bottle
You really need to check these out, Take a look at these and when you do decide to order, use my code TAMIESJOURNEY and you will get 15% off. Order one of you and one for your friend, they will love you for it. Let me know what you think of these bottles. A tiny bit more, my poor G is getting older, he is almost 15 years old now, but he still does really good. We go out more ofter, less distance, and we go at G’s pace. I spoil him rotten, I know, but he is the best dog ever and I will do things HIS way. My RA is kind of at a plateau as well, kind of like my weight. But I can at least say it is not getting worse. My knees don’t always feel so great, but they work. I do try to jog at least one mile every day, and we walk maybe 4-6 miles every day. I also left weights 5 days a week. Recently, (especially after going to Savanah) I have told myself I have to get a little more serious about weight lifting an just not go through the motions. Maybe I will take a picture tomorrow when I am in the gym, and another in maybe 5-6 weeks. That way, you guys can be the judges. Well gang, I have pages more that I want to share with you, but, I don’t want you to get bored on the first blog back! I will write more tomorrow, Wednesday, I will share more of my personal life and I will share more products that I am working with. I need to slowly get back into this. I would like to ask everyone however, what did you think of this first blog after TOO LONG? Will you come back tomorrow and read again? What would you like to read about and NOT read about? I really want your feedback on this, so that I can keep you all happy and coming back. You can leave your comments at the bottom of the page, or send me an e-mail Also, if you want more details on either Bistro MD or the TOMO bottles, just let me know. Thanks for reading, and I will see you all again tomorrow. Until then, eat healthy, stay hydrated and get some good exercise in.

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