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I need some sunshine!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather could have been a little better here, but we did get our walks in, and that is what is important to both the hubs and myself. I wanted to take one topic at a time and update you all, and please, ask questions, if you have them. I love to answer and maybe even sometimes, help people. My RA is obviously not getting better, but I kind of feel like it is not getting any worse. About a year ago, my doctor took me off Enbrel and started me on Symponi Infusions. I get these infusions every 56 days. They take about 30-35 minutes to do. I like the idea of only having to do something every 56 days. While they are doing the infusion, you can read, I have seen people sleep, I work on my laptop. I am not sure yet it works great. I do know my knees are not any better, but then again, they probably will not get any better. My hands seem to be better, depending on the weather. My right foot and right shoulder do not seem to be any better. My RA is A systematic, mostly on my right side. (This is kind of unusual) Ok, enough about illness and treatments. (One last thought, if any of you do have questions on this, or if you have RA and want to school me on anything, please do, I will not be offended) On Saturday, (those of you that have followed me in the past) know that both the hubs and I like to go to the shooting range and practice. We did that on Saturday, which we do most Saturdays. I was not having my best day. I am not sure what was wrong, other then my “shooting” eye kept watering. This happens form time to time, but it still was not a bad day. Our timing was really good on this, just as we were leaving it started to pour. (This is an outdoor range) Sunday, which was Fathers Day, the weather was really crappy. We got a short walk in and then it started to pour out. We just kind of hung out, read, watched some TV, and finally, decided to head out. We had a few errands to run, and then we got massages. It felt great, but I think my masseuse was a little aggressive. My neck and shoulders feel a little “stiff” today. Okay, I want to share one more thing with everyone. (I am kind of hesitant to do this, because I am afraid if I make this known, I will not stick to it.) We are going to Denver at the end of July. (Our anniversary is at the end of July and we thought this would be a nice way to celebrate) I have committed to myself, and the hubs, that I will lose 4-5 lbs, and lose some fat, and gain some muscle. NOW, here is the issue. I am a more mature woman, and I am not sure this is even possible. But, I want to try. My main areas of concern, or where I want to lose the fat and gain leaness, is my stomach, tris, and my upper legs.
I will try to take a really good picture when I am in the gym tomorrow, and you all can see what I look like now. PLEASE, encourage me to do this. I do feel like with following the Bistro MD meal plan, I can achieve this!
I think this is all I have today, and since I am feeling not 100%, I am going to get more work done and tomorrow, I want to do a really good post. Can I ask you all to leave a comment and let me know how I am doing so far? Good, bad, need improvement, or what ever you want to say. Ok, that’s it till tomorrow. Remember, Stay Hydrated, Stay Active, and check back tomorrow when I will post the companies that I am working with.

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