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Just a little about me

Just a little about me

I want to share a little about me so that you have an idea about me.  I decided to start a blog because, First, I enjoy reading other blogs, and I thought that if I can share just a little of the things I do and try, and if even one person learns something, I have accomplished something.

About Me:  Some might say I am a little “mature”, but I feel like I have not even come close to reaching my full potential.  I am constantly learning and trying new things.

Things I like: First in that list is my family and my dog.  These are the most important things in my life.  After that, I like to eat healthy, have good workouts, LOVE to travel, ride my motorcycle, read good books, photography, take long walks, and a good cup of coffee.  

Working On:  I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and several other auto immune diseases, so I am trying anything and everything I can find to keep these under control naturally, mostly by eating and exercise.  I will share some of the things on the blog that I have tried, what seems to help, and what is just a waste of time.  I am open to any and all comments or suggestions from others

I like fashion as well, but kind of have my own style, I would call it work out wear gone Boho, gone just be comfortable.

I try to use as much natural and organic products as possible, and as I try these, I will share comments, the good and the bad.

I will always be spent to comments and suggestions, so for now, back to blogging.

Be healthy and make today a better day then yesterday!