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The week from hell!

The week from hell!

Yes, this has totally been the week from hell, so I am really glad to have you readers to vent on.  I can vent here and therefore, my family won’t need to hear all of this.

First, the dishwasher.  About a month ago our dishwasher died so we bought a VERY good Bosch dishwasher from Best Buy.  We paid to have it delivered and installed.  About two weeks into it, it quit working, so Bosch came out to fix it and found out it was an installation issue.  I have been working, or trying to work with Best But for about 10 days now to get this resolved, and I am fed up to HERE!!! 😤They did make an appointment for Tuesday, but no one showed up or even called.  I have been trying to reschedule and the soonest they can be out again is 10 days from now.  As of yesterday, I told them they can come get their dishwasher and shove it up their a$$.  I have also called the CC company to void the charges and refund our money.  Now, let’s see what happens next.  I will keep you posted on this!

Then, the AC.  This quit working last Thursday, one week ago.  I got Cool Ray out here the next day to tell us there was part that died and they needed to order it.  Because it was a special part, we needed to prepay.  All good, but they said the part SHOULD be in Monday, and needless to say, it just got here yesterday, Wednesday.  I have been calling every day, just to get the run around.  They did finally call yesterday to tell me it was in, and I was the techs FIRST stop this AM.  It is now 11:30, and he just showed up, lolly gagging around!!!  Did I say my window was 8-10?  It has been hotter than hell in year, and maybe that is my problem.  OK, it is now 12:15 and he said it would be a 40 minute MAX job😬  Typical southern time, I should no by now!

Then, yesterday, my printer quit working.  I tried all the fix it things and realized it was dead too!  So my intent was to go out right after the AC guy was done, and get a new one and have it all set up by now.  Ya right!!!  But I did preorder it so all I have to do is run to the store and pick ip up????  How is that going to work for me?  I will let you know after Mr. Slow AC man gets done!  WooHoo!  It took exactly 27b minutes from the time I walked out of my home until I walked back in to pick up this new printer!  That was in traffic.  This worked GREAT!  Now, if I can just get it set up that quick🤓

Now, MH windshield on the brand new vehicle is broken, not just cracked, broken. So, we need a new windshield installed, piece of cake, right?  WRONG!!!  It is like an act of congress to get this done, and it will be September 1 before we can even get an appointment to get this done.  Then, because it has all the sensors in it, these all need to be reprogrammed.

I have to quit there or you will all quit reading, I am afraid.

On to other things.  I know these have been around for some time, but I am just getting around to trying these.  I think these are going to become a staple in my go to snacks.  They have a very clean and light taste. I am trying the sea salt, but they also have two differant flavors that I know of.  I will try them also.

I also found these at Whole Foods,  and since I am trying to get more iron in my diet, these are high in iron, not to mention, these are very good.  These, the Chili Lime, have just a tiny bite to them, in a good way!

Now you know I can’t go to Whole Foods without getting a treat for my fur kid.   I think he may have had these before, but he REALLY seemed to like these.  I saw an interview with the founder of these last week, and her story is pretty amazing.  Plus, since I try to eat so healthy, G should be eating good things to!  Not too mention, he is spoiled rotten.

Other things in my life.  Again, I am feeling better, sleep is getting a little more, meaning more sleep at night and not so much awake time, so I hope this keeps improving.  I am consistently lifting heavier weights, but by Friday, I can feel it a little.  Good thing I take the weekends off.  I have been pretty active, especially on days like today where I am about ready to shoot someone!  If I keep moving, I don’t think about it so much!

TV shows, Ballers is back on and that, along with Power, I really like to watch.  If you have not seen these, you should check them out.

I still haven’t found any new Podcasts to listen to, so if you have ideas, send me a comment or e-mail.  It seems I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I go through them pretty fast.  But, sometimes, silence is golden.  (Like now)

I used to do quite a bit of stretching at the end of the day, and somehow, kind of got out of that habit, I think I just got too busy.  I am trying again, to “somewhat meditate” for just two minutes at the end of the day when I do all my end of day things.  I am not sure it is doing anything, but the two minutes of quite and no thoughts is good.

Oh, and Football is just around the corner.  I know they are doing preseason now, which really makes me nervous. I don’t want players to get hurt during preseason, but it seems some always do.  I cannot wait for the “real” season to start.  And, then there is college football.  Again, just around the corner.  Need I say GBR, you get it MD.

Well buckaroos!  I hope everyone is having a great day!

I think that’s all I have for today.  Again, please send comments, suggestions, critics???  I am open to all.

I am not going to promise to post again tomorrow, because it seems every time I do that, something comes up and I get busy and do not post.  So, I will just say, until next time, but keep checking back!

And remember, stay active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and Hydrate!!!  LOTS!  (Maybe give your fur kid a hug as well)

Until tomorrow


Okay the motivation at the beginning of this post really kind of says a lot, it is never too late, so get your shit together.