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Tomorrow is Buddy Work Out Day!

Tomorrow is Buddy Work Out Day!

Hi There!  How is everyone today?  Thanks to all of you that have looked at the companies that I work with from yesterday.  I forgot one that I need to add yet today.  Just remember to buy something and when you do, don’t forget the discount codes that I have given you.

Well, today is the last day of February and the last day of my healthy heart motivation!  I hope EVERYONE is taking care of their hearts, and their whole bodies.  (I just had a very interesting conversation with another like minded health aware person.  I will get more into this later in this post)  My healthy heart motivation for today isexercise for heart health Fresh love your heart stay healthy visual lyPlease take care of your heart!

1-3-410x1024  I have a whole list of positive affirmations for today.  What was your affirmation for the day!  Just remember, you can do this!  Believe in yourself!

I had to run out today and get a new contact.  I tore the last one I had last night, trying to clean it, and realized I could not see anything.  ( I do have a pair of glasses, but apparently, that is a really old prescription and they did not really help)  We are still testing lenses to see what strength I need, so again, I just got one lense, but I can see again.)  I have to walk right by the Macaroon place, so of course, I had to stop and get a macaroon, but just one, and I already ate it.

As soon as I got back in the building, I ran into one of the people from here, and we have had in the past, very lengthy conversations about food and being healthy.  He is even more obsessed on this than I am.  It was really interesting to hear his take on GMO’s, organic, and eating the right foods at the right times.  Now, I am not a nutritionist, nor a doctor, I only know what I research, and I do not know if all of that is accurate.  But he was saying how there are so many things that affect you overall health, your digestive system, your energy levels.   Basically, everything that affects your health.  Now I already knew a lot of this, but we got to talking about how addictive sugar is, it is, in my opinion, as bad as heroin or alcohol.  He agreed completely with me, and the bad that sugar does to your body.  Well, of course, this was all just right after I ate the sugar filled macaroon.   I guess I will drink LOTS of lemon water this afternoon. Considering it is almost the end of day, (I have to apologize for getting this out so late today) I will really need to SLAM the lemon water.

Think about all of the cereal that people eat, and all the kids that eat cereal for breakfast every day.  There are probably some cereals out there that are ok, but they are JUST ok.  Cereal is probably one of the most addictive, sugar filled foods out there.  They market the cereal so that your kids, especially the younger kids, WANT that cereal, and that is all they want for breakfast.  The more they eat, the more they want, because basically, most cereals are just a vessel to hold all that sugar and other garbage we like to put in our bodies.  Next time you are in a store, go down the grocery isle and just look at the amount of sugars in a random box of cereal.  It will be a LOT!!

Sorry, I got off on a little sugar tangent there.

I left out one company yesterday that I am working with, and this company has REALLY good product.  The company is

Skinny Dipped

Their website is

Skinny Dipped offer several different flavors of almonds,

Peanut Butter

Dark Chocolate Expresso

Dark Chocolate Espresso


My favorite is the Peanut Butter.  (of course it is, I like ALL things peanut butter)  You should check out their site, and see if you don’t want to give these a try.  Once you decide what you do want, don’t forget to enter code


To get your discount.  Let me know what you found and what you ordered.

What shows are you watching recently.  The hubs found a good one on Amazon Prime the other day, Red Oaks.  There are three seasons to this and we have already watched all three seasons.  Some of the episodes were less than 30 minutes, so this did not take long.  This was really a pretty good random show.  It had a few name actors in it.  It took place in the late 60’s, thru the early 80’s and was really not bad.  (I have decided that I definitely need a hat now)  If you watch the show, you will know what I mean.

Speaking of hats.  I joke about this a lot with the hubs, but I do wear a LOT of baseball hats, like every day.  This weekend the hubs wants to go to one of the other malls we go to from time to time, he really does need some new clothes that FITS.  In this mall, they have a hat store.  Not baseball hats, but real hats.  I told him I am going to stop there and get a hat this time.  If I actually end up doing this, I will post a pic.  But, I have a question. What kind of hat do you wear with athletic wear?  Since that is what I spend about 75% of my time in!!!  And I do mean other than a baseball hat!

Well, I need to get back at it, so remember to leave me your comments below, let me know how I am doing, don’t forget to head to the companies that I work with and buy something.  The sooner you buy even a little something, the closer I am to starting my podcast!!!  And don’t forget to come back tomorrow.